December 12, 2011



To me, it's the best time to go. Not so crowded.
Great photos. Thanks for the tour.
How close were you able to park your rig?


I've never been there so I'm really enjoying the photos.


I can't imagine New Orleans with a cold weather. Some of your pictures looks like it was in Paris. The "café au lait" too. I like it !

Kay L. Davies

I wasn't impressed with beignets, either, Sallie, but I loved the wonderful balconies with their assorted greenery and flowers. And the music! I wouldn't have missed hearing the oldtime musicians for anything. It's been more than 30 years, but I can still hear the sound in Preservation Hall.
Wonderful post. Thanks for the memories.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

aka Penelope

These balconies in the French Quarter are exquisite and remind me a little of the faded beauty of the balconies I’ve seen in Europe. People who stood there must have seen incredible and historical sights go by over the decades.

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - like the horse-head street 'things' - what are they?

Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

Red Nomad OZ

FAAAAABULOUS! I've read so much about New Orleans, and it looks fascinating! While I have no idea what a beignet is, I now know I dont' NEED to know because you've done the taste test for me!!

I've just read your last 3 posts - and enjoyed them all! So great to see a wonderful life of adventure on the road!!


Great shots and I love the fire stairs and balconies.


I must be an ignoramus! I didn't know what a beignet was and had to look it up:
I was amazed that Google took me straight to Cafe Du Monde!


So much more to see than at home-lovely details on the balconies.

Lady Fi

What wonderful ornate balconies!


Such lovely shots, Sallie. Cafe Du Monde is always a good spot to be in, isn't it? The cold must have been a shock to the system for New Orleans. They need some steady weather and good things there.


I am sure I saw the last one when i was there doing my family research. At least it certainly reminds me of one I saw. I met my cousin for mint juleps right across the street. I love all of your photos today. The architecture is wonderful. Especially like the shot of the man selling his art on the street. So typical NOLA. The old hitching posts are beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful week. genie


those balconies really are lovely! :)

Sylvia Kirkwood

I always enjoy pictures of New Orleans! One of my favorite places to visit! Love your captures and they did bring back lots of memories! Hope you have a wonderful week, Sallie!


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