December 26, 2011



Just wanted to stop by and wish you a very happy and joyous New Year. We are having spring here in the midwest instead of winter. Enjoying it while I can as I know it will snow and blow soon. Stella


I have never had a grouper sandwich but will put it on my list of things to try. Love your photos with all the tropical colors. Have a Happy New Year. Stella

NatureFootstep Photography

sounds like a great place with lots of opportunities. :)

Glad you like my blogs. I appreciate yours as well. Will see you soon. Happy NewYear if we donĀ“t see each other until then. :)


Beautiful place and such picturesque shots. Happy New Year ahead.


IT looks like a wonderful spot to take ones time and enjoy life...Happy New Yr!!!


It looks like a beautiful place, excellent shots. A Happy New Year to you too!


Wonderful shots of Matlacha. Great place.


Fascinating! Have a wonderful 2012: may your Full-Time Life continue with more "zany" moments!


And Best wishes to you and yours as well!
I love those Pelicans and the colourful collage just makes me smile :)!

Lady Fi

Love that top pic! Here's to zany moments next year...


Thank you for those lovely wishes, I could use that sandwich.

Lovely shots, makes me long to get out my fishing tackle.


Lovely post from your world..I didn't play this week..but have a very Happy New Year....Michelle

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - thanks for the comments during the year - nice pelicans!

Hope you have a good New Year and lots of things to post about in 2012.

Cheers - Stewart M - Australia


wow, those colors! :) gotta love Florida decor! :)


That looks like a great spot to spend lots of time! Lovely shots. Hope 2012 is wonderful for you.

Sylvia Kirkwood

It does indeed look like a warm and beautiful spot to be, Sallie! Love your photos as always! Hope you had a great Christmas and wishing you a very Happy New Year!!


Boom & Gary

Great spot!! Had fish on 24th. Boom Loves it. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Sallie, lovely wishes and photos. I love the bird shot. And the Fish sandwich with a beautiful view sounds lovely too. Happy Holidays, I wish you all the best in 2012.

Mama Zen

Marvelous shots!

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