December 05, 2011



Beautiful! Delightful place.


I definitely love water and I think I could not live far from it, especially far from the sea. Lovely reflections.


Welcome home, Sallie ! I'm happy to know all is OK there ! Courage for the unpacking and cleaining !


What a gorgeous cottage. Enjoy being home.


Traveling is wonderful but so is a familiar home. Glad your trip brought you home safely.


Glad you made it home safely, Sallie! Happy unpacking! So which is yous, the one with the colorful chairs (for outside people) or the one with the big windows (for inside people)! :-)

Lady Fi

What a lovely place - so serene!

Mickie Brown

Welcome home -always nice to get back. I'm sure you'll enjoy being back on the water and "staying put" for a while. Have a great week. Mickie :)

LindyLouMac in Italy

What a lovely spot t0 call home as well, I love to be near water.


Nothing like coming home. You have a great spot there. Hope you have time to visit when you are all settled in.


A lovely, reflective place to come home to, Sallie. I'm sure you are glad to put in to one place for awhile.

Gemma Wiseman

Somehow home after time away seems to be so appealing with a very special beauty! Love the reflections!

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - looks like a great place to stay - are there any fish!

Thanks for the multiple comments!

I need to say that the "fun guy" joke is off such abiding badness it quilfies as a "Dad joke"!

Cheers - Stewart M

PS: here is my latest Dad joke! Why don’t nails like playing sport?

Because they always get hammered!


Lovely reflections of the "cottage". Every happiness for the winter! (I awoke to our first severe frost yesterday morning-after a sprinkling of snow...)


So we all arrived at a 'new' spot again :)
Did the laundry yesterday. More cleaning tomorrow when hubby is back to work ;)
Lovely shots of your current home :)


Home sweet home....and for a warmer climate.

Glad you arrive safe. I could also imagine the task of doing the laundry...

P.S. Next time when you are in the LA area, we can meet up, Long Beach is just about 25 miles from me.


Soon you'll be off on your watery adventures. For us, I think we'll keep the roadtrek in dry dock for a few months. Our recent trip we stayed in motels. I find ones with refrigerators and microwaves and bring my homemade soup and chili, much better for us than restaurant food.


The sunshine and warmth the photo suggests is making me miss warmer days! We have a little snow in the forecast for Wednesday. :)
Glad to know you made it home safe and sound!!!


Beautiful, beautiful water!


Good luck getting settled in to your winter home. I love the reflection in the first shot. Looks like a lovely place.


Welcome home! From what I recall, we are not too far away from you. The weather has been perfect the past few days. Let's hope it stays that way for us!



It's always nice to come home! I'd enjoy those reflections if they were at my home. :)

Mona Sweden

Beautiful reflections. I notice that the chairs are in Swedish colors:-) The surroundings look lovely.


hurray! i'm sure you were relieved to see it was still there, in fine shape, and just waiting for you to arrive! :)


What a beautiful place, love your photos!
I'm glad too that you made it safely home.
Have a great week.


I love the yellow!!
and it reflects so well
what a pretty place


It is nice to see where home is. Which one is yours - L or R?


I thought I recognized this place, I am glad you made it safely home. Neat reflection and photo.. Have a great week!

Sylvia Kirkwood

Oh, I'm sure you're delighted to be back in your world for the winter! Look forward to more shots soon!


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