January 30, 2012



A big hug from me.. take care..xx


Good luck with the surgery. I had cataract and got a new lens last year. It was easy and it felt better very soon.
Good luck.

Ken  Schneider

Good luck, Sallie, with your cataract operation. I've had one eye done and will need the second pretty soon.


Please take good care of yourself Sallie, holding good thoughts for you and looking forward to hearing from you soon :) Take care :)


Sallie, I just go back home today and read your post. I hope that all was fine with your first surgery and say you "bon courage" for the second one this week. I'll be happy to read you again in a few days !


Just stopped by to say hope all is going well.


Sorry I am a bit late reading this post... I hope all goes well Sallie
Big hugs from Andrew xx


I did not expect to see you blog hopping this early. I really wish you well Sallie. Take it easy and take care....


I will keep you in my prayers Sallie. I know all will go well with your surgery and recovery.
I look forward to seeing your world through your new clear lens.
Pam :)


Hope you're doing well
looking forward to hearing from you soon

what a handsome couple :)


Hi Sallie, - just came around to visit and find that you are having that great eye operation, - I had mine done about fifteen years ago and still find I only need glasses for telephone books.
Good luck and take care...


I'm sending out good thoughts for you that the surgery will be a big success. Take care and best wishes, Carver


GOOD luck with your surgery, I would love a new look at life for sure!!!


I had cataracts removed in both of my eyes in 2011, Sallie. You will be amazed at the difference when it is all over. Rest up and then take lots of time to enjoy your new view. I'll be thinking of you and sending good wishes through cyber-space. Penny

lynda howells

that's great.....good luck with ops and will be thinking of you and hubbyxxlynda


thanks for the info. I donĀ“t have to wonder where you are. :)
Good luck with the op. :)

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - good luck with the operation!

Cheers - SM


A great photo of you both.Every good wish for a speedy recovery, Sallie!


Wishing you the best Sallie!

Lady Fi

Fingers crossed for you!


My husband has had one done...I hope things go well...see you when you get back online


Good luck with the surgery. The eyes have it! :<)
I so love the photo of you two.


Good luck with the surgery!
Hope you'll be back soon.


Sallie, I'll be thinking of you. Good Luck and speedy healing. Hope Mrs Blue Eyes will be back with us soon.


I'll keep you in my prayers this week Sallie. We'll miss you but will be right here when you are ready.


good luck with the surgery, dearie!!! rest up, and we'll 'see' you soon!


Sallie, I wish you all the best with your eye surgery. And I wish you a speedy recovery too. Take Care and I will be thinking of you!

Colin Huggins

I am sure the operation will be a success. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Colin from Brisbane, Australia.


All the best for your surgery, Sallie. My mother had both eyes done recently, and you are quite right, it is routine and you will be surprised at how much your sight improves!
Have a speedy recovery, and here's to many more photos!


Best of luck with the surgery. Look forward to hearing from once you can see better.


Sallie, I wish you the best and fast and easy recovery! Be well, and take a long rest!

Sylvia Kirkwood

That's wonderful, Sallie! I'll be holding good thoughts for you! Look forward to seeing you back online soon!


Joe Todd

Eye am sure ll will go well. I need to make my own appt with the "eye doctor"

Kay L. Davies

Wishing you well with the surgery, Sallie. I've had both eyes done and it sure made a difference each time.

Boom & Gary

Hope you're back soon. The best from Boom & I at the Vermilon River, Canada.

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