January 10, 2012



You have some wonderful shots of the birds and nothing better than being on the water on a nice day.


You got some super shots Sallie!
I have always wanted to try going down the Etowah River in a kayak but have been worried about dropping my camera "into" the water!


Love your blue heron. My white-faced heron was at the pond last night. They really are such elegant birds.

NatureFootstep Photography

waterdrops on the lens does not really matter. It indicates motion. :) But when I am kajaking I usually drop the paddle in my knee when I take pics. Or put it in the water. I have it tied to the kayake with a rope. :)

I think you might want to see this. In your last comment on my WW post your link goes to Gary. I have no idea how that happened.



You managed to shoot and paddle quite well from a kayak. Nice shots of the birds, Sallie. Is there anything you all didn't do while they were visiting.. I would be exhausted.


Awesome pictures!


You did an excellent job capturing some of shots of the herons.


I sure enjoyed the trip I made down for a Kayaking adventure...in Key Largo Awesome, and in Februrary so warm and nice.
Great birds shots ---What FUN !!!!


Hi Sallie,
I agree, Florida is a great place to kayak. Suzanne and I had a wonderful experience kayaking around the Sarasota area last winter where we saw wonderful birds. We have our kayaks here on the Pine as well. If the birds hold still, it's a lot of fun shooting pictures from these crafts. A fast shutter speed doesnt hurt either.
Cheers to you!


I love herons and your photos are superb!


That must have been super fun. I would love to do that but I will have to wait a few years before my grand kids will be big enough. The pics of the birds are great.

Lady Fi

That heron is beautiful! Great pics.

Carole M.

oh that is fun to kayak, and taking photos from 'the other side'


The pictures are so exciting, Sallie, and your family adventures sound like fun,. In amongst these beautiful birds there looks to be a turtle.


A great way to view the birds.


Sallie, I would like to try to kayak, looks easy, but I do not have a good balance. One of these days I will go with my group at the Marina by Venice Beach.

Love to see those birds!


Sweet shots! What a chance to get these birds from a boat!


I think you did a fantastic job of shooting from the kayak. I love herons and you got such good shots of them as well as of the other beautiful birds.

Larry Jordan

How cool is that! I really need to get a kayak.

Jeannette St G

Great water - and bird pics!Sounds you did a lot, and had fun!


What pretty captures you were able to bet on your kayaking trip with the babes. It is a bit too cold here though the hard core go out in their wet suits to brave the write water. Me, I stay at hoe thank you very much!!!!!! Thanks for your wind words about my “mundane” posts. For some reason I am drawn to nails, gears, and the like. I am so happy you like them. Words of encouragement are always such a plus. genie


Sallie, I would love to kayak and see all the wildlife! I've kayaked occasionally, but I'm not very good - I think my arm strength is too weak.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Such beautiful birds and terrific captures for the day, Sallie! I love the color!! Hope your week is going well!



Beautiful shots of these water birds, Sallie! The little blue one is wonderful.


That sound like it was a fun little adventure. Nice shots. And sorry about Mr. Linky. It has been updated and I re-entered the link for you.


Great birds and photos. It must have been cool to be on the water and even level with the birds for photos. Thanks for sharing, Sallie!


Some bloggers are great with getting pictures from kayaks but as for me, I leave the camera behind as my kayaking skills leave a lot to be desired.


Some great shots Sallie!
Love the heron of course but the hawk nestled in the dead branch is super and I love that little turtle craning his neck out. :)


A very nice series of photos. I kayak with my camera too but have it in a waterproof case until I need it and also have a little piece of towel to dry off my hands first.


Lovely shots of the winged ones.


Sounds like a wonderful adventure Sallie.
I have often thought of canoeing along my local river and camping at night... maybe this is the year to do it..
I hope your are all in good health..
Big hugs Andrew xx

Boom & Gary

What a great time you had!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Mama Zen

That sounds like so much fun! Marvelous shots!


Gosh you are daring, Kayaking!! It was worth it for the photos.


my neighbor has a kayak and goes out on the creek whenever he can..I would love to do that..


is that a little blue heron? so cool!!!

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