January 09, 2012



It really seems everyone had a great time. Lovely family post.


I'm getting water fun envy from your photos...BEEN such a long time since Ive been on a boat in the sunshine....what fun.


It's always great to see family. Looks like you all enjoyed it!


seems like a great time. :)


Wonderful family pics, looks like great fun.

Jeannette StG

it's great when several generations in the family get along so well together!


I enjoyed sharing in your special family time


Wonderful pictures of wonderful grand-kids ! I hope them a beautiful new trip !


What a fun filled family activities! I would love to be on board that vessel!

Yup, that was me doing a victory dance when I reached almost at the top of Cathedral Rock. That was the first stop that day and the second one was at Medicine Circle.

Thank you for all your kind words. I also enjoyed Salvation Mtn and Mr, Knight, hope to visit in two weeks with some friends.


A visit with grandkids is the best of all visits. Those two look like they have their eyes wide open. Serious travel must be passed down in your genetic make-up. Traveling the world at their age sounds wonderful.


Hi Sallie, How nice that they could stop by for a visit.
It looks like everyone have a marvelous time.
Pam :)

Red Nomad OZ

Wow! There's a whole lot going on there ... Are you back to normal yet?? Or is there no such thing?!?!


Seems as if you had a lot of fun, unfortunately I couldn't find out in which country you travelled and showed them around.


Terrific, Sallie. The smiles tell the real story.


We had a lot of fun!


What a lovely couple!
All your pics show smiling faces so I know it was a good time for all.
Can you send some of that warm weather north? :)

Lady Fi

What fun - and so sunny too!


these can't be your grandkids. they're way too old to be your grandkids... :)


Wonderful shots of family moments.

SandyCarlson (USA)

What a great family! Looks like you had a lot of fun.


It looks wonderful, nice shots. I could see myself living near the ocean again one day.


Looks like a fun filled time. Great shots of your beautiful grandchildren.


Your world looks like a lot of fun!


What a great time you must have had! Thanks for telling us about it :-)

Sylvia Kirkwood

Terrific pictures and it does indeed look as though all of you had a fantastic time/visit! Wonderful to be able to spend such fun time with family! Hope you have a great week, Sallie!



What wonderful pictures and what a great time it looks like you all had.


Hi Sallie, you live in a great area for doing outside activities. How nice that you got to visit with your Grandson and his wife. It looks like a great time for everyone. Have a great day!

Boom & Gary

Great post Sallie!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - and I think I have trouble keeping track of my TWO!

Cheers - Stewart M

Kelsey Turner

Great pictures! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun, and that you had some nice Florida weather. Miss you guys!


It looks a wonderful, action packed family time! A great picture diary too!!

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