January 05, 2012



Very beautiful and dramatic skies. I must have missed these last week. Glad I looked again.


Sunclipse and sunsight are new terms for me (but I do know B Fuller)... and you've captured a superb one of each to say goodbye to the old and bring on the new. If I haven't done so already, I wish you a wonderFULL year ahead, Sallie... safe and exciting travels... with happy shooting and sharing! It was a real pleasure to get to know you a bit through our blogs in 2011.

SandyCarlson (USA)

This is utterly gorgeous.


Great shots! I particularly like the first one.


GOrgeous skies; what a beautiful way to welcome the new year!


The two are gorgeous ! Here we have differents colors : pink in the morning and pale lilac-purple in th evening : the one I prefer !
Have a nice sunday, Sallie ! If you looks at my sunday post you 'll see a strange "French" bird : They arrived in containers, by boat, from tropical countries a few years ago. They flew away and stayed there : they are more and more numerous...


Happy New Year Sallie. Your sky pictures are so beautiful. Makes me wish I was there.


I love the effect of the distant lights in the sunset!

Red Nomad OZ

SOOOOOOOO lucky that both shots were so memorable!!! I hope I can remember to try it myself at the end of 2012 - but I bet I don't!!!

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - that last shot is a cracker! Well done.

Cheers SM

Patricia Lichen

Hi Sallie! I bet you would enjoy this site that I've recently discovered (or maybe you already know about it?): http://cloudappreciationsociety.org/

Thanks for buying my novel "Kidnapping the Lorax"! I hope you enjoy it!


I like that lavender sunset. Unfortunate that the sun rises on an election year, one I fear will be filled with more bitter wrangling.


Glad you're always looking up, Sallie!

Joe Todd

Dramatic skies Sallie.. I'm feeling better and Linda and I traveled to Indiana for part of holidays.


gorgeous, sallie!


Thank you for sharing the beauty of a new day and year, Sallie. May 2012 be a great one for you and yours.
Pam :)

Lady Fi

Wow wow wow! Amazing shots!


What stunning photos with vivid tones and contrasts.


The first shot is so spectacular! What a beautiful show of lights in the sky!

Sylvia Kirkwood

Beautiful, dramatic skies and terrific captures! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


J Bar

Beautiful shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs


Terrific views of the sky.

Write Girl

I like the idea of sunsighting. Very nice shots!


I learned something new here today. I have never heard those terms before.
Lovely shots Sallie - I especially like the colors and feel of the first one!


That's a nice way of putting it!

Lovely pics.

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