January 11, 2012



They are all wonderful ! No butterflies here during winter season, but soon they'll come again and make me happy !


You know me, I'll post anything pretty... these things have names? LOL! And your butterflies are definitely pretty, Sallie!

[I'm not keeping up with blog-hopping even my favorite bloggers like you... :-( ]


Thanks for participating in Floral Friday Fotos, Sallie. I have removed the pesky word verification requirement for comments. Thanks for alerting me to it being turned on - I prefer it off too!


Great shots!
Beautiful butterflies, love them!
Have a great weekend.


Beautiful and delicate hues, that great light. I love the texture and colors, beautiful butterflies.


You captured some gorgeous butterflies while Manatee hunting, Sallie. The first one is stunning with his black and white strips.
Leave to considerate Ebie to come up with the butterfly names.


I got the names for you:
1.) Black with light blue/green : Malachite (not sure)
2.) Yellow - Orange or Cloudless Sulphur
3.) White - Cabbage White
4.) Brown - White Peacock (not sure)


Wonderful shots of the variety of butterflies.


Hi Salie, I was wise enough to take a photograph of the the sign board of the species that I took at the Natural History Museum. I will look in my archives and come back and identify them for you.


Beautiful butterflies, Sallie! I do think the yellow is a kind of Sulfur but I am not sure which one. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.


As the wind is blowing down my chimney and an ice mist shrouds the mountain, I'm basking in the warmth of your butterfly photos, Sallie. That first is a treasure.


Stunning and colorful.


How beautiful, Sallie! I always enjoy photos of butterflies and flowers. You may also keep in mind my Floral Friday Fotos meme for when you are publishing flower photos:



My mind is filled with thoughts of a whole garden devoted to butterflies. Your pictures are amazing. You're so close. I look forward to hearing about the manatees. I've seen them only once on a long-ago business trip to Fort Meyers.

nature rambles

Wonderful shots!! The butterflies in the second photo(s) could well have been taken here. We have the same kinds visiting the pentas!


I agree that the manatees are so hard to capture with pictures. Your butterfly shots are beautiful though!


these are sweet! you might be able to find a good on-line resource for butterfly i.d. google 'butterflies of florida' to see if any good links come up. i've been able to find a few good ones for Texas. :)


Sallie..I had Nature Notes up early this week. I usually put it up Wednesday at midnight eastern

rambling woods

I am pretty new to butterflies and have worked to identify a few from my yard so I can't help, but I do enjoy seeing them as they are so pretty. Thank you for linking up to Nature Notes..Michelle


I can only identify butterflys if someone knowledgeable is with me and does it first.

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