January 17, 2012


lynda howells

I love these imagesx We have an amazing Wetland Center near us..wonderful place to visit.xx


Great series. It's so important to take care all part of the earth, they all play a vital role in our future.


this is a great post Sallie!
thanks for all the info and all the wonderful photos
I love the 2nd shot on top row of your collage, what a fantastic little critter

Lady Fi

What a great series of signs to explain the importance of these lovely wetlands.


Great post, Sallie! Wetlands is among my favourite habitats and they HAVE TO be preserved.


I have written so little on wetland and you're so right about how important they are...great post....Michelle


Sigh, just too bad, people are not even cautious about the protection of the wetlands, no matter what signs are put up.

Luna Miranda

these are marvelous signs, Sally. i hope people would pay more attention. great collage, too.


It's nice this place has so many signs to teach visitors!


It is good to admit your mistakes and move on. I like this series of signs.


Very cool and educational sequence. You guys have a little extra danger with the gators, otherwise, I'd be trudging through the mud!


That poor Jared Elliott really did take a dim view os swamps, didn't he?!


What a great post, I am really for preserving the wetlands across the USA. It is a shame that so many developers are so greedy and a lot of politicians just do not care about the environment.


"Swamplands are the kidneys of the earth". Hmmm...I learned something today!


great post about the wetlands.


That is one of my favourite places. What a wonderful walk it is! I saw my first eagle there and of course the storks!


Beautiful post, beautiful message. I'm so glad we got to the understanding stage.

nature rambles

Loved your mosaic and the signs! My favourite place for photography happens to be the largest wetland in our area.


I wish step 4 would reach peoples minds a bit more rapidly!

Joe Todd

Wow Sallie a great post.. I'm feeling quite a bit better. I just wish it was a luttle warmer in Ohio LOL

Mama Zen

Marvelous post!

EG Wow

Wetlands need to be saved all over, even here in Canada. Unfortunately, there are many developers who would much rather fill them in so they can build houses and shopping centres.


Great reminder. It's funny how greed seems to be the ruin of most things.


It is amazing how much damage man has done and is still doing to our planet, whether through ignorance or greed.


Thankfully, also our local councils and conservation societies are enlightened enough to preserve and maintain wetlands, ensuring the habitats for indigenous flora and fauna are preserved. Great post!


Great post, we must be ever vigilant to protect the wetlands. There are many who are anxious for an opportunity to overturn environmental rules and "reclaim" wetlands from what nature intended. I'm grateful that we have so many places in the central valley where habitat is being preserved and farmers willing to turn their fields over to wildlife in the winter.


Even up here, Sallie, wetlands are being reclaimed. We are fortunate to live near some natural sloughs that are teeming with wildlife and our garden club just last week had a speaker on how Salt Creek, which runs through our area, has been cleaned up and now has large mouthed bass and northerns swimming in it again. I hope we are all finally learning . . .

Great post!


Beautiful photos of the wetlands in your mosaic, Sallie. Public lands are important to all of us - no to mention the creatures who live in that ecosystem. I wonder sometimes what will be left for our grandchildren?


Great post. Wetlands are so important.

SandyCarlson (USA)

That kind of honesty in those signs is really refreshing.


well stated. we had a large acreage converted to wetlands near here over the past couple of years. they dug, filled with water, planted aquatic plants, etc., for the purpose of filtering water to supply pump stations at towns further away. they put in a nice wildlife observation area too. would like to see more of these projects...

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