January 25, 2012


Costin Comba

Beautiful landscape. Greetings. Have a nice week.

Joe Todd

Blue sky and sunshine sure looks good

Tatjana Parkacheva

Nice shadow shots.

Regards and best wishes

Red Nomad OZ

Gosh! Hope the 'no storms' thing continues ... Great to see such a meaningful memorial - really makes people stop & look!!

Kay L. Davies

So beautiful, Sallie. Sad, but beautiful.


A great place to visit and enjoy seeing so many interesting shadows.

Magical Mystical Teacher

I'll content myself with looking at the sculpture of the bent tree, rather than being in a hurricane, where trees actually bend that far!

Mickie Brown

What a lovely tribute to the people of Punta Gorda. Nice photos, Sallie. Have a lovely Sunday. Mickie ;)


These are gorgeous!

In behalf of Gemma and Magical Mystical Teacher, I thank you for playing Shadow Shot Sunday 2. - Rose

Shadows by the Beach, come and see.


I have an Aunt and Uncle who live there. Would love to pay them a visit!
Great post, and shadows.


What an interesting sculpture and a fitting tribute! So creative!

Sylvia Kirkwood

What a wonderful tribute and the bent tree to mark the time is awesome! Beautiful captures, Sallie! Thank you so much for sharing this with us today!! Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend!


Gemma Wiseman

An artistic, creative tribute to the struggles of people in the midst of a horrific event! Especially love the "marked" shadow for the time while current shadows move on! A very thoughtful touch!


I would so love to take a walk there..


Great sculpture and interesting story.


It's good to remember the past. Glad you haven't had any big storms lately though!


What a meaningful and beautiful tribute.

Lady Fi

What lovely sculptures - so moving.

Stewart M - Australia

Hi - thanks for the many visits.

I think I'd rather see the bronze tree than one pushed over like that by the wind!

Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

Luna Miranda

a great tribute to the resilience of this community.

missing moments

Some really cool sculptures and nice shots. Let's continue to hope for no hurricanes!

Lindy MacDuff

A lovely sculpture and reminder of how fierce nature can be.


Great shots, it looks like a beautiful area. It's hard to imagine it in the middle of a major hurricane.


Looks like a lovely place to visit and I especially like the palm tree bent by the wind.


I don't really remember Charley... but obviously everyone in Punta Gorda do!


It always makes me happy to see areas rebuild. We did a lot of redoing in Palm Beach when I was growing up. The roof blew off, the steps going up to the apartment above our garage blew away, windows and doors blew in from time to time. The tribute is a beautiful one. An appropriate and amazing sculpture. genie


It looks like a beautiful tribute!


Love this sculpture! That is a lovely area you are in!


what an artistic sculpture.


And I thought you were "safe" here...


i do like that bent tree - says a lot...

EG Wow

I hope your luck holds out. Sounds like Charley was a BAD one!


I was wondering, at first, why a bronze sculpture of a palm was necessary when so many real ones existed. So, really, it is a perfect symbolic tribute.

Lisa Munley

You have such a lovely website! I was looking for a way to contact you but can't find one. I discovered your blog from a comment you left at another blog (Joyfully Retired) and I had a question for you. Could you send me an email at lisamunley@ca.rr.com?



That's a nice tribute and the symbolism is very powerful.


Lovely tribute and sculpture. The bent tree sculpture is a great symbol of the wind. Looks like a very pretty place to walk too. Great photos, Sallie!


What a wonderful tribute. You got some great shots there.


cool! I had to look closely to see how it worked. :)

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