January 16, 2012


Mickie Brown

Glad it didn't get cold enough to damage the fruit. We have had exceptionally warm weather here in Kansas for January--but that's just Kansas-you never know what you'll be facing. Florida weather sounds pretty good though when it is snowing and below zero here as it does get on occasion. Winter is just always a good time to stay inside by a fire and read a good book. Have a great weekend, Sallie. Mickie :)

SandyCarlson (USA)

Ah, the relative value of cold! Beautiful shots.


I just stay in by the fire and eat too much.


We actually had a 60 degree day here today. Quite unusual for this neck of the woods. Tomorrow a thirty degree drop. Now that's winter Sallie. :)
I do envy your fresh strawberries and citrus.


oh, dear! It takes another 6 months before they are ripe to eat. I love them.


Yum! Strawberries! Sounds so good especially on this cold, snowy day. Are organic strawberries available at many places near you?

How wonderful to be able to spend so much time outside in January. Enjoy, as I know you will. The Coo Coo Kid is on vacation in MX w/his family....Riviera Maya.



A lovely post Sallie...frost but no strawberries lost..lol
Wonderful to hear that.. as I am sat by the radiator trying to keep warm.

Big hugs Drew XX


Such a great sales pitch for Florida. So far northern California has been mild. We've had freezing temps at night but it's been in the 60s during the day. All is about to end since they are predicting rain/snow in mountains and colder temps starting tomorrow. That's okay because it's becoming dangerously low on the water table.


Oh! What a lovely winter!!!


Cold in Florida... and not very cold here in the Alps ! Not a lot of snow and sun everyday.
Strawberries are, I think, the fruits I like the best. I wait for them...


It's hard to believe you have Strawberries in winter, that's just wow :D
My time to be envious :D


Your post just fits my mood. It is 40C here and I just made a batch of strawberry jam not withstanding the heat.

Red Nomad OZ

SO love it how you don't gloat about your mild winters!!!


Winter has finally come to Northern California, hard freeze forecast tonight. I don't think my citrus will be happy.


Very lucky for the farmers. Warm weather States are fortunate to really have great summer crops in the midst of winter.

Here in Oxnard, we see some clear plastic (maybe?) covering the crops.

How about some strawberry shake?


Lucky you - fresh local fruit! I'm glad the cold didn't nip the produce.


It can be such a problem for the Florida farmers when they have a hard freeze. I'm glad the cold didn't seem to hurt them yet. The strawberries look delicious.


This winter is extremely cold. You people really deserve rest aftre the hectic activity.


yum! glad the fruits weren't damaged!

Jenn Jilks

It seems so strange!
Glad there aren't any fleas!


I live in Florida too! This last cold spell was great for hiking. :) Check out my page if you have time. Thanks!


it was 9 degrees F this morning
I actually enjoyed the refreshing blast

the strawberries are gorgeous


wow, berry yummy. stay warm this winter. have a wonderful week.


Sallie, how nice to have fresh picked strawberries. I did ask hubby to pick some at the store if he sees them. Great pic, have a wonderful day.


I know when you get cold spells in Florida and oranges get frozen or damaged, the rest of us pay more. Am so glad that the fruit seemed to survive. Not just because of cost but because it doesn't destroy things when it doesn't get too cold. Keep warm.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Oh, those do look so delicious!! Hope you have a great week, Sallie, with lots of warm sunshine!!


Boom & Gary

OOH!! Strawberries!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Nothing like fresh fruit for health! Good shot!

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