February 28, 2012



Love Burrowing Owls, one of my all time favourite bird species. Thanks for a great post :)

Red Nomad OZ

So great when you find something unique in the world in your own backyard!!! They look a little like owls downunder - but ours have learned not to burrow!!!


what a great day you had. And you did see the lovely owls. I like them but rarely see them as most owl is up at night. :) Thanks for sharing your experience.

Lady Fi

wow - amazing shots of the owl!

LindyLouMac in Italy

What a handsome chap, interesting post. Thanks for your comment on Glorious Food, it was definitely a restaurant I would recommend.


I do like owls ! Thanks Sallie for this one !


LOL... one of my favs, nice pics


Fantastic shots of the Burrowing Owls, Sallie. I have yet to see one but I did read the were a few south of us.
Thanks for sharing your awesome shots,
cheers :)


Great shots of the beautiful owl!

Patricia Lichen

Burrowing owls are found in eastern Oregon, too, but I've never managed to see any. I appreciate the great photos here!


Just caught up reading past posts. You have a lovely swampland/wetland area. The burrowing owl is interesting and quite small. I hope cats don't get too many.


Amazing photos of these wonderful birds.


They are beautiful birds and full of character, aren't they? I first discovered them last year and was enchanted.


I have read about these owls and it is both sad about their plight and heartwarming that people are trying to protect them.. What a treat to actually see one in person.. have a great week and thank you for linking up to Nature Notes...Michelle


How wonderful! Only once have I seen a burrowing owl, developers were destroying its habitat and it looked sad and confused. Now there are acres and acres of houses where I once saw hawks, eagles, coyotes and that owl.


Great pictures!! And applause to the Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife for their good work!


What cool shots! I love owls and birds in general. How exciting to see these so close up.


Super shots! It must be an amazing experience actually to see these little guys popping up from their burrows. Thanks for all the info - very interesting.


Such adorable little owls.


Wonderful pictures and thoughtful info Sallie.
Florida is a special place when it comes to birding. Oh, what we came within a hairs breath of losing during the plume wars of a hundred years ago. I am thankful for the conscientious efforts of everyone involved increasing the appreciation of this 8 ounce treasure, the Burrowing owl. Great work!!!

Tracy F.

What a wonderful close-up shot of the owl!


What a great close up shot! I have also learned about these owls when we went to Salton Sea at the Sony Bono Wildlife. There were markers on where the owls were spotted and they were inside the tubes/pipes. The docent told us not to disturb them.

Mary Howell Cromer

Burrowing Owls, such sweet looking faces. Thanks for sharing~


That is so interesting. I've never heard of burrowing owls, so you have taught me something. I think that it is great that they are protected and looked after.

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - I always have like the idea of an owl that thinks it’s a rabbit!




I love this post, Sallie. What great photos and how well the owl is camouflaged and all the information on burrowing owls is wonderful information I did not know.


I didn't know that owls burrowed - nice shots! We have birds that nest on the ground on our land, it's why we don't cut the grass on most of our 2.5 acres, just the landscaped area. I love watching the birds fly around, and sometimes I run across these ground nests when I'm walking around the yard.

Larry Jordan

Thanks Sally for posting about my favorite bird on the planet, the Burrowing Owl. I am contacting the "owl lady" to see about linking to her webcam from our Burrowing Owl Conservation Network site. They are the cutest birds in the world but they are in peril here in the U.S.

Carole M.

how amazing; a beautiful owl; thanks for sharing


What beautiful birds. I love their eyes. So interesting that they would live in the ground. Thanks for another educational post.


Hi Sallie, these little owls are so cute. I would love to see them someday. Great shots and post, thanks for sharing.


I absolutely love them! Beautiful post and great bird!


They really are beautiful! I should love to see them in real one time. /Susanne


My daughter loves the burrowing oil! I have not see one this winter yet though. Might have to make a point to go to Cape Coral and try to find some there. Thank you for sharing!


A wonderful little bird to see Sallie and it's lovely to see they are protected..
I hope alls well
Take care... Andrew xx


I love the photos-and thank you for the info. I'd never heard of Burrowing Owls.


great post...enjoyed! hopefully someday I'll get to Ft Myers on my way to Key West!

I'd heard about burrowing owls...but now know way more than I did...I didn't know they only lived in Florida!

Going to check out the webcam!

Jenn Jilks

It seems to counter-intuitive for them to burrow! Snakes, etc., but they obviously survive. Thanks for posting them!
We have lots of hollow trees, here. I spotted a grey owl last week! (No photo!!!)


What a wonderful post Sallie!
I've never heard of such an owl. Who would have thought one would burrow in the ground.
Really nice shots!

Modesto Viegas

Very good post!

Boom & Gary

Great post Sallie!! Boom & gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Crafty Gardener

Such fascinating owls, thanks for the info.


Wonderful shots and information about the owls.


that is SO COOL! lucky you to see and photograph these cool little birds!


Love the owls! Nice shots!

Robin R Robinson

GReat info on a bird I don't know. We don't get burrowing types here as the ground is frozen so much of the year. I love the shot of the owl peering over the sand bank. Great shots and nice read.


What beauties they are. Amazing eyes.

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