February 24, 2012


Cassie~Phoenix, Arizona

Wow. They are SO awesome and scary at the same time. Beautiful shots.

Joe Todd

I've seen them on a golf course. That was one golf ball I lost.. LOL


Those babies look so gigantic!


crocks are not really my kind of animal. But I appreciate teh shots.

Want to take the opportunity to thank you for all nice comments. It is appreciated. :)

Tatjana Parkacheva

I agree with you. They are cute when they are little, but then...

Regards and best wishes


A place I would gladly visit. I have seen more crocs than alligators in my travels but I find them all such fascinating creatures.


Beautiful and Frightening ! By comparison the poor little lezard I shoted and posted this morning looks like quite ridiculous....

LindyLouMac in Italy

Yes they are cute when they are tiny, but as they get bigger not so sure, pretty amazing creatures though.


Oooo...scary critters. Love your photos!!!


Great shots. I think I have spotted six of them.


These are fantastic shots and a fun way for children to learn to count, as long as they don't actually wade in with the alligators.

Sandy Carlson (USA)

They have winning smiles, that's for sure!


anything that well camouflaged scares me no matter how cute when young!


I like alligators, I think they're prehistoric looking and that fascinates me

the babies are adorable


Hi Sallie, they might be cute when they are little. But, they do change when they are BIG. I hope they do not crawl up on the boardwalk. Great captures. Have a wonderful weekend!

Cheryl @ Deckside

I see at least one or two or three too many!

Nice captures.


I think all babies are cute, even alligators. :)


Ouch! Don't get too close, Sallie!


Great pictures, Sallie. Glad you stayed safely out fo the way and zoomed in with your camera instead!


They are adorable when little...when grown...not so much!


Still looks too close for me. :)
Wonderful shots!


Nice to have a boardwalk and hope they aren't jumpers. ;)


yikes! :)


aww they're so cute...I hate that TV producers think its FUNNY to watch rednecks misuse and abuse these awesome creatures..they dont go looking for people to eat for petes sake..Great PHOTOS!!


Great shots!
I've never seen them in real.
Have a great weekend.

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - even when I'm a safe distance away from the crocs I've seen up north, I still feel a little un-nerved!

Nice pictures.

Stewart M - Australia


Amazing pictures! Love those little ones, real cute and adorable. Yes and they do get scary as they grow in size! Fantastic captures for the day :)

Happy Weekend Sallie :)


Amazing photos! I've only ever seen these in a small zoo in Spain. How I look forward to your almost daily Blog!!!

Reader Wil

During all the time I was in Oz I saw one croc. He was sunning on a sandbank . I took some photos at a safe distance sitting in a boat. Your photos are great. How far were you away from these alligators?


Great pictures, Sallie - glad you were taking them instead of me, though.

Colin Huggins

Ha ha - Sallie.
Just the big ones, and that is enough for me, thank you.
Good to know that you were on safe territory - remember that old song - "Never Smile at a crocodile aka alligator" or whatever it was called!
Colin from Sunny and then rainy Brisbane. Can't make up its mind!!!!!


They are well camouflaged!

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