February 27, 2012



Very nice shots of the swamp! Must be a very interesting place to visit!
Thanks for sharing;o)

Have a fabulous weekend****

Cassie~Phoenix, Arizona

A lovely day trip indeed! Your swamps don't look like the swamp I've envisioned all my life. Not at all dark and murky looking. At least not from your photos.


we are in a swampy area here too and it is such valuable habitat..


More and more, discovering Florida through your blog, I think that pararadise can look like that !


Great shots, thanks for the tour!


I believe Staten Island and parts of NJ are built on swamp land and we're sinking!!

your area is much prettier
I really love the last 2 shots

NatureFootstep Photography

when you walk in places like this you can easily fill the memory card. :) Great shots and thanks for sharing.

Jenn Jilks

We live in the middle of a wetland, and we love it, too!
Many critters, much fun! Pretty frozen right now, I love seeing your greens!

Carole M.

this would be a lovely place to explore too; do you get to see many varieties of water-birds?

Reader Wil

Thank you for this tour! It looks a bit like some Australian boardwalks, which I always like so much.
Have a very happy day!


Your swamp does not look like a swamp at all. The egret is looking at me, she looks pretty!

P.S. You can join us at Sunday Stills, it is a good photo challenge, and it brings out the photo creativity of you! See you then on Sunday morning.


The boardwalk is inviting. I'll bet it would be really cool to walk up in the canopy too.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Wonderful swamp and the egret is so beautiful! All of your captures are terrific, Sallie! I have visited this area, but didn't really get to spend any time time there, so I've really enjoyed your post for the day! Hope your week is off to a good start! Enjoy!



i like the egret hunting in the waters. and those tree roots...


I love swamps. I think life started in a swamp.

Sandy Carlson (USA)

This is great. Swamps are lovely, dynamic places full of diverse life.

Mama Zen

Looks like a neat place to visit!

Pieces of Sunshine

A beautiful place to visit. I love the first photo with the tree in the middle of the boardwalk.

Jeannette StG

Am not familiar with swamps, since we don't have 'em in Holland. But this looks pretty innocent...? Love the shadows in your second pic!

Boom & Gary

Interesting tour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

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