February 26, 2012



No swamp at all here ! It's a dry country !
Your shots are fine and we can imagine all the animals, flowers , trees all around. Thanks to you, Sallie.


Lots of swamp here in my area too....I see you found a wild iris...Thats really NICE to see!!


My idea of what a swamp looks like comes from Hollywood. Your pictures show the beauty available. So now you can consider yourself an educational blog.


Yes, I agree! So much life in those places!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful shots;o)

Have a fabulous week****


Swamps are very beautiful and I love your swamp collage.


it must be a place you can return to again and again.I looked up:


I think all natural places offer beauty and swamps are certainly no exception. Love the flora you've shown here. :)


Beautiful mosaic, Sallie. Swamps are such diverse biomes with a wealth of flora adn fauna to explore (and photograph of course!).


Swamps can indeed be beautiful, as your photos show. I spent a couple of days in the Everglades many years ago, and will have to post those photos one of these days.


I love swamps. They always seem to be swarming with activity and life (and, well, mosquitoes).
Wonderful shots.


There's SO much life to be found in a swamp it would take more than a lifetime to know it all. Really like that vine wrapping around the tree.


that vine growth in the lower right corner is awesome! so cool!

Tracy F.

Very pretty! Looks like Spring, and I'm ready! I love the name "Corkscrew Swamp".


Hi Salie, I have heard about this place, I believe it is a good place for birding. Loved your photos, the flowers are pretty. Maybe if I make it to Florida, I will get to visit this swamp too. Thanks for sharing, your visit. Have a great week!

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - looks like a great place to explore - I'm sure I'd get an 'other blog' post from a good walk around!

I'm working on the next 'other blog' post at present - it's all about boat trips - and I think it will be called "Bobbing About"

Cheers - Stewart M


These lovely photos show us how beautiful the swamps can be. Lovely post, thank you :)


Is that an iris I see? I could never expect it to grow amidst the swamp!


You are right it's a swampy loveliness, that is why I like to go to woods or swamps to look beauties like this. ^_^



Thank you for the visit to Corkscrew Swamp and Sanctuary. Mother Nature knows how to do it! Have a great week!


Oh lovely iris... I won't see one here until late May or June.

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