February 13, 2012



I hope you found this past week serenity and warm weather ! I'd sip a little of the first one too and reading your other posts help me a lot.


Lovely picture of you, Sallie. So glad all went well with the surgery, and that the accident wasn't more serious, - and that you had fine insurance to cover it. I think it's amazing that with all the miles you travel this is your first fender bender (so to speak...)


Sorry about the accident.
I'm glad your surgery went well.
You look great on the photo!


Gosh, sorry to hear about the accident, but, it is over with no one hurt, and that is the good thing, of course. It is also lucky that no harm came to your eyes with those new lenses in them. Double thanks.

You look great! Enjoy your sight. It is pretty remarkable, isn't it, Sallie. That's so interesting that the surgeon and you have a picture.


I'm so sorry about the fender bender. I'm glad your second surgery went well and I love the shots of you.


How lovely you look, Sallie! I've been wearing glasses since first grade - it would seem so strange to me without them. Glad your surgery went well. Oops - the car looks pretty dinged. Glad no one was hurt. You've had a busy (cool) week. Hope you're now enjoying some warmth.


Well, you certainly crammed a lot of things into one week. People who think seniors just vegetate should visit you two. So glad to hear you are okay. I hope they do a good job of fixing that great vehicle of yours.


I had heard it was going to be cold in Florida. I have a friend visiting Disney World this week. I was thinking they picked the wrong week to go south. :)
Sorry to hear about the accident but so glad you are alright.
Nice pic of you!!

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - seems like a splendid week! But only if you have a rather bleak sense of humour!

Glad the eye op went well, hope the car is not at the panel beaters for too long and that you can find somewhere warm!

Cheers - Stewart M


Happy that your eye surgery went well! Sorry, for your car, but there are worse things. Have a great Valentine with your "new" eyes:)


cool to get shots of teh prep for operation. Never heard of anything like that. Makes you think somebody cares. :) Take care!

Lady Fi

How wonderful to be able to see so well again! You look marvellous.


Oh what a treat it must be to see. Seems that all went well. I might think about that myself as been wearing glasses since age 7.

So glad the no one was hurt in the fender bender. Just a lot of hassle.

Cold here too with possible snow coming. Please share the sun.


You don't need photos when you have a good story. The eye op must have been a blessing. I believe they are not that painful either. It must feel strange not wearing glasses anymore. My friend had this happen too. Bad luck about the ding. Glad that no one was hurt


It has been a hectic week for you. I am happy evrything is fine now.

Sandy Carlson (USA)

Oh, the adventures! I am glad you are OK, and I am sorry about the automobile situation. I hope it all works out SIMPLY.

God bless, friend.


hurray for making it thru 2nd eye!!! and thank goodness no one was hurt in the accident (except your vehicle, of course!) yikes!

better, calmer, easier, happier weeks ahead!!!


I am glad that your eyes are doing better, but so sorry about the accident.. There is some good and bad in most weeks....Good think nobody was hurt..


That doesn't sound cold to me. I also had a fender-bender last week, as a 17-year-old girl hit my car from behind while I was stopped at a red light, pushing my car into the truck in front of me. Luckily nobody was hurt but both bumpers on my car need to be replaced.


Hi Sallie, I am really happy that your eye surgery went well. It is cool to see the before and after photos. Sorry about the car accident, glad no one was hurt. Our weather is warming up now after having a bitter cold weekend. Take care and have a great week!


Congrats on the successful eye op Sallie. How easy it is for any of us to take for granted the precious ability to see. So sorry to learn of the car accident - whilst it's been a time-consuming inconvenience, very glad that no-one was hurt. As for the freezing temperatures - these too will pass!
Hoping you have a much better week.


Your smile tells us you had a successful surgery! 12? I did not start wearing one until I was 40, yeah, our bodies need tune up at 40, so they say, life begins at 40!

Take care and be well! Put on that warm blanket!

garry ladouceur

Dont feel so smug about your monopoly of the cold. Here i sit, wrapped in a blanket 1000 miles south of the American border and I am still freezing. It has been a dreaful 10 days with cold and rain and even ice in places. times are rough right now in mexico and the volcano near mexico city is starting to rumble and smoke... and it is 2012.... and then there are the banditos.... cheers by the way. weather does change after awhile... but... what if it doesnt..omg just scared myself.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Oh, yes! I'm so glad all has gone so well with the eye surgery, Sallie! That's terrific! Sorry about the car crash! Always a pain in the whatever even when no one is hurt! So, get out and have fun seeing your world in a little different way now!! And have a great week!


Boom & Gary

Glad no one was hurt and the operation went well. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

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