February 22, 2012



That's what I call service at its best!


Oh I like this one..lol


Somebody has a great sense of humor!


Your trash pick-up people have a wonderful sense of humor. How fun.

LindyLouMac in Italy

Great, I joined this meme for the first time this week! In answer to your question about snow, the answer is no it was an exceptional winter for snow and freezing temperatures. The worst Italy has know since 1985 I believe.


I wouldn't dare to complain! A very funny sign. :)


That is too funny. Who can complain sure beats hauling a big bag to the dumpster. Nothing like some humor to make our day.

Reader Wil

I think you are absolutely right! No use complaining..
Thanks for visiting!

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - good image! A sense of humour never does any harm if you ask me.

Stewart M - Australia.

PS: there's a new post on my 'long' blog if you are interested.



That's funny! I have a photo around here somewhere of a trash truck with this painted on the back. You can protect your blog from spamming by moderating your comments also. It only takes a second. The really bad thing about the new version of the word verification, is that you don't even have to put in the exact letters.

Lady Fi

Brilliant - love it!


THat is a good one!! LoL


Nice service to have.


I think I would be very satisfied!


LOVE it!

Jeannette StG

Sallie, sorry about the word moderation.
Please give me some time to decide what to do
-my blog Mysteries has been hacked before (plus my email) and I had to apologize to 81 people for the embarassing viagra (mainly) comments they received.
Now my followers are more than 200 I'm dreading if that were to happen again. I don't know yet, what I'll decide,
but you're the first to know I'm playing with the thought, to make my 2nd page (Art Notes) the main page, since I now have Artistique too - and on some weeks I barely have enough time to do 2 blogs.
I know the new word mods. are a big hassle, and I myself have already complained to Blogger (or Google) helper, telling them that they need to do a better job!


Ha, that's a good one!


You find the greatest signs! ;-)


Daily? - no wonder it looks so clean!

Lindy MacDuff

DAILY service! Wow, what a nice perk! I like their sense of humor!

Thanks for the visit and comment today. ;-)


Well, that certainly sums it up. Like it or leave it.


That is either a great guarantee or a bunch of rubbish.
Either way I love it, Sallie.


Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! I'm really hoping the butterflies will be attracted to my patio...I don't have many birds...a pair of mourning doves, a bluejay, I used to have a mockingbird but haven't seen or heard him in a long time so I'm hoping for butterflies ;-)

Colin Huggins

Hmmmmm! Well that is service! Might get our mob here to come and read this blog entry - ha ha!
The moment I saw the sign on that bin, it immediately crossed my mind - ah ha - Sallie has found another glaring spelling error! I suppose now after the bus business, every time you put up a blog post which has a sign, I'll go into spell check mode!
Colin from - yes you guessed it: a rainy Brisbane morning!
So back to my duck talk dictionary!


HA! Very good one, Sallie!


Count me in as being a satisfied customer.

Mama Zen

That's pretty funny!


Priceless-you certainly find some gems!

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