February 08, 2012



I am "vintage" enough to remember learning to touch-type in school, with the keyboard covered and typing to music and my dear Mother buying me a Remington portable typewriter for my 14th birthday!! Those days are centuries away from my current Samsung Galaxy S Android SmartPhone-cum-diary/calculator/atlas/ GPS/bookshelf/radio/entertainment finder/email/map/dictaphone/-and anything else you can think of !!! (Not long before my 82 year old father died in 1994, he made the comment that he had been born too soon, as he was fascinated by the technology coming to light. If he were alive today, he'd most likely have a smartphone too!) Thanks for this post and for visiting my blog.


About a month ago, my wife, granddaughter and I were at a second hand store. She asked me what one of the items was. It was a typewriter! She didn't have a clue...
MAN, we are getting old!


Sallie, It's so good to see you back online. I liked this sign post. I'd forgotten about typewriter ribbons. Now you know I have to visit my local office supply and see what their signs say and/or see if they have typewriter ribbons.


Great capture! Ribbon? What is that?

lynda howells

fun you should say that...at present l am trying to find a typewriter sppool for a child's typewriter. The looks l am getting...you think l had asked that for some thing rude!Hax


This is a wonderful sign for 73 year old ladies. It is sososo vintage. Can we even but typewriters and ribbons in a store? I use the flea markets and old so-called “antique malls” to search for one to photograph. I must admit this has to be at the top of my list of favorites for this week.genie


I bet you are right, Sallie! :-)


Good eye! I noticed the phone, too, was a model from when cell phones first came out! This store needs to get with the times!


Too funny. It is wild to think of how typewriters have disappeared in such a short time (or rather short time at my age).


Even the phone is out of date. Maks you wonder about how up to date the merchandise is.


I learned to type on a non electric typewriter with a ribbon. There used to be a sift key to type in red. If they have typewriter ribbons they should donate them to a museum.

Gemma Wiseman

I wonder if they have any typewriter correction tape! This could be a perfect museum corner!

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - that is rather funny! As you say "when was the last time you checked your shop sir!"

Cheers - SM

PS: 'not going to plan' was becasue my mother-in-law was taking into hospital at very short notice (I think there could have been flashing lights!), so that kind of takes over your life.

PPS: Thanks for the multiple comments!

Patricia Lichen

Wonder if they have carbon paper or an ink drum for the mimeograph?


Hahaha, I remember my Dad's Mr, Underwood, and ultimately learned how to change the ribbon.

Back to the future?


I just saw a documentary about the return of typewriters
these folks are either very behind or very trendy


Do they still have typewriters?
Quite outdated!


LOL! At least you know where to go for a yard sale typewriter find. ;)

Did you get your earvines?


oh, that is HILARIOUS!!!


Sorry Sallie. your link is fixed (again!)


Wow...ribbons..haven't used one of those in years...


and I wonder if those ribbons are still any good...!

Colin Huggins

HA ha - very good, unfortunately true!
I love the check out ones who need a calculator to work out how much change they have to give you??? Example. Your bill comes to $90, you give them a S100 note. Out comes the calculator for them to see how much change they have to give you!!!! Result: I darn near have a heart attack!
Oh dear, such is life these days!
Colin (Brisbane, Australia)


You know for the heck of it it might be funny to walk into my office supply place and ask for one. :)
I'll concede it's possible they might have a ribbon or say they can order one but I would have a hard time believing I could buy a typewriter.
A great find Sallie!
So glad to see in your previous post that you are doing better!!


It is great to have your Blog up and running again!


How true, Sallie! Yet there are certainly a few typewriters around and good to know one can get a ribbon for them. I still have an antique "Underwood"...

Lady Fi

LOL! I bet they don't even know what a typewriter is!

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