February 15, 2012



I get crabby when I see misspellings like this too. Unless, of course, their mine. Then I just feel dumb or lazy. But still, on a professional sign . . . Maybe they don't have these neat little red lines that come under a misspelled word when I'm typing on line.


I wonder how many people never noticed the missspelling..

Be well and happy, Sallie.


Where is a red marker when you need it...


A good photo, to get lots of people showing their feelings. No one bothers to check anything now!!! I've just been on holiday. Asking for a scone and 2 (pats of) butters, invariably results in 2 scones. Ordering toast and just one croissant today, resulted in just one slice of toast arriving..... I'm afraid that I asked if they were short of bread...


Another example of the continuing stupidization of America...


It tuke me a minnit to fine the misstake, Sallllllie. tee hee


I think spelling is becoming less and less important. It seems like nobody really cares. (well, I do) A local movie theatre promoted the new Clooney movie as The Decendants. Google corrected it when I just wrote it and I had to change it back to the way the theatre spelled it. :<)

Lady Fi

Oh dear - another misspelling!


Sallie, you might have been the first person that caught the spelling error. Great find. Have a wonderful day.


Mi spelling is terrible. Evere tyme I make a komment two a blog I half to proof reed it.

Gemma Wiseman

You would think such a public "go everywhere" sign would be more accurately spelt! That really is quite a slip up! Good one!


ha ha, i didnt see it a first too :-) and on a moving vehicle, am sure its easy to ignore!
Pet Sematary


You'd think they'd have spell check!

Lindy MacDuff

Well good grief! That's what happens when governments go for "lowest bid."


Well, no cities perfect. I'll bet they printed a Lot of them. Yet I do sometimes wish for a proof reader.

Red Nomad OZ

I'm a spelling NAZI!! So that means I'm also paranoid that I've misspelled something whenever I post ...


Hi Sallie, that surgery of yours was a success! Even the smallest letters you CAN read! I would not have noticed until you mention it.

A definite STOP at all tracks, we get that many accidents here in the Southland.


LOL! oh, yeah! that would drive me crazy, too!

Sandy Carlson (USA)

It would be tempting to edit with a Sharpie at a traffic light!


That's classic. A sign in front of my kids' high school misspelled buses (with an extra s) - I wish I had a photo of that!


I must add my consternation to yours, Sallie. I am a stickler for correct spelling and grammar, especially so on public documents and signs.

Do other "vehciles" NOT stop at railroad crossings? Amazing! It's something so obvious here that we would not even consider a sign like that.


we are two peas in a pod!

I hate sloppiness like that
I want to stop and fix it


There are sign worse than that. No body else was probably as observant as you.

J Bar



Maybe the pocket book was more important than the spelling error. Costs money to reprint. But the way most government agencies spend money you wouldn't think it would be a big deal.


I think I would have had to say something. This is unbelievable. I will probably go to my death trying my best to get children to proofread what they are turing in for me to read and grade. These middle schoolers do not seem to have any concept of the idea of looking over what you have written. It is definitely my soapbox. genie


You would think it might cross their mind that this might reflect badly on their business.


No spell-check there! Good catch Sallie.


You would have thought SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE would have caught the error. Yet they still went ahead and used the bumper sticker. Makes you wonder!

Colin Huggins

Don't fret Sallie - we have just as bizarre and uncalled for spelling mistakes on public signs here. One wonders do they ever read what they have written and why wasn't it corrected?
Makes you wonder just what Public Relations and Marketing Relations University trained "twits" who are paid big bucks really DO KNOW!!!! Not forgetting what on earth were they taught????


many public signs are misspelled. why is that?


I get crabby about stuff like that too although I also have started letting my mistakes go sometimes. Just today I left a comment on someone's blog where I typed there when I should have typed their. I didn't spot it until after hitting send. I started to add a PS to say, oops I meant their not there and then I decided to let it go rather than call attention to it. However, if I was making a public sign like the one on the bus, I'd feel obligated to proof it before it got on the bus.


To be honest, I did t see the mistake the first time I looked. But you would think city workers would pay more attention than me. :)

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