March 21, 2012



Wonderful butterflies : they are just "coming back", day after day ! Yours are wonderful !


Great shots. I would love to see a buckeye up close like you have. It is always so interesting to find out what plants a specific butterfly will lay eggs on. Up here, we have the monarchs and milkweed. Life is grand.


As I sat looking out my dining room window today I actually saw two different kind of butterfly and later at my computer I glanced outside and saw a third. I can't wait to try to 'capture' some of these guys.
Beautiful original shot and I like your selective coloring in the second one!


Great shots of the butterfly. I haven't spotted any butterflies here yet so nice seeing a preview of what's to come here a little later.


Nice shot and positive ID. I really like the B&W background.


you got such great close-ups!!
I love all the detail


Lovely shot of the Buckeye butterfly, Sallie. I have yet to capture one of those elusive little fliers. Thanks for the tip. I will have to look closer among the mangroves at waters edge.
cheers :)


That is such a beauty


Lovely shots of the Buckeye, Sallie!! Thanks for sharing, I hope you are having a great day


What beautiful captures of nature's loveliness...the butterfly and its tones are gorgeous.

Crafty Gardener

beautiful captures of the butterfly ... I'm visiting via Nature Notes


i love these gorgeous flying flowers. :)

LindyLouMac in Italy

They never stay still enough for me to get such lovely photos, let alone identify them, impressed on both counts.

nature rambles

Lovely post, Sallie! The buckeye butterfly reminds me of the Peacock butterfly that we see here. It's interesting to see the butterflies from your part of the world.


These butterflies are so beautiful ! Last year I haven't seen a single one. years ago we had a lot. Don't know why.


Sallie..if you ever want an ID you can post a photo to BugGuide and they will help, but solving the mystery is fun.. Beautiful butterfly...Michelle


Hi Sallie! Nice shots of the butterfly - and good job identifying it too!

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