March 19, 2012



Lovely water..My Uncle spent years building a boat..he was a carpenter.. A few years later, his son was out on the river and a larger speeding boat hit it and smashed it to bits..no major injuries...but so sad...ramblingWoods


Beautiful photos of this special place, Sallie. And what a place to eat!


What a wonderful life. I love what I see here on the water. Loe the photo's too.


I'm a lazzy reader and I'just read today all your beautiful and interesting posts : flowers, butterflies : all what I like. I'm happy to see you are spending good time ! AmitiƩs.

Kelsey Turner

Beautiful pictures! I can't believe all those people squished up on top of that one boat, ugh! Love that first photo of all of you, we spotted the GG's :) Excited to see you guys soon.

LindyLouMac in Italy

What fun your gathering looks to have been, but it is a shame to hear you talk about peoples stupidity in overloading their boats!

ann nz

what are you doing in the private room of a restaurant when you should be out there sailing?

I like the last photo of the many birds.

Lady Fi

How lovely and warm and sunny! Looks like a lot of fun.


Isn't it just lovely to be on or near the water?
There are always idiots who ignore their own safety. I just hope they could swim!


ahh,sunshine-here the wind is blowing cold though spring flowers emerging, so walks around yard are rather like easter egg hunts though its more like ahh-purple violets,blue crocus, yellow forsythia, pink/purple/white violets etc. your sun does look comfortable, as we here took off layers and layers of clothes as we entered our snug house with wood stove to curl up by. love you


Now that's a crew! :)
I think I'd enjoy taking a boat and going to lunch with the breeze in your hair and the sun shining on the water. Sure beats a long drive in a stifling car!
I would think with all that weight up top that boat would topple. Stupidity was the correct adjective.


The ladies and gentlemen in blue, and I love the color! You have such a good life, RVing and Boating!

Those boats are a real treasure, and I can only feast my eyes to the luxury!

Jenn Jilks

Crazy people! Love to see the blue water with no snow!!!


Wonderful shots. Looks like a great place.


Sometimes it seems like there is a lot of stupidity going around. Great water shots. I used to enjoy sailing and am reminded of that when I see the sailboats.


Oh I really miss our boat. I don't miss the upkeep a bit, but I miss being able to maneuver through the world on one. Thank you for sharing these pictures. I enjoyed all of them.


Nice photos. I love boats, but it's been a while since I've been on one.


Oh Sallie, I'd love to cruise around in that boat! Great pix.

Colin Huggins

Great photos Sallie of the marinas in your area.
Looks like a great place to eat also - seafood???
Check my e-mail on a situation report on northern Qld!
Would certainly not at present look like Fort Myers,
Colin (Brisbane, Australia)
Weather report: Raining!!!!!


Gosh, I'm enjoying your water shots, Sallie - 6 degrees here in Breckenridge this AM!


Great boats and everyone looks to be having fun but I wouldn't enjoy those overloaded boats!


Oh those crazy spring breakers.

aka Penelope

I like the first photo with most people wearing matching blue t-shirts. A row of people on both sides of a table with the fellow closest to the camera turning his head makes an interesting composition. Also, agree that the dangers of being out on the water are often ignored and we do silly things thinking accidents only happen to the other guy!

Boom & Gary

Looks like a great time Sallie. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


I love those happy faces... it is infectious. How i wish to have a boat on my own someday...love the feeling to see the sun sets while on the boat. Thanks for sharing your world...



I love those happy faces... it is infectious. How i wish to have a boat on my own someday...love the feeling to see the sun sets while on the boat. Thanks for sharing your world...



You sure do make the most of your time in Florida. I often wish Jules enjoyed boating, it looks like fun to me.


Looks like a lot of fun! Yes, there's a festive air here:)


love your blue shirts to go along with all the blues of the waters. nice!

Sylvia Kirkwood

Terrific post and I do LOVE the boats!! Wonderful captures for the day, Sallie! Oh, and Sandy signs us in every week as she is the one who has access to the mechanics of the Our World post, but we're all there every week! Hope your week is off to a great start!



What a great place to eat! it's fascinating to see the other boats & the views! (We had a lovely sunny day in the UK Midlands, but there was a frost this morning again!


Great post! One of my favorite things to do was to look at all the boats on a holiday in Florida a few years ago. We were on the east side and went through Sebastian and down to Key west. Great bird life!

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