March 06, 2012



Great photos! I had also read that the wingspread in the sun position is supposed to aid their digestion, don't know if it has been proven but they certainly are very cool birds.


I have seen anhingas a lot sunning themselves. They look so odd! The first time I saw one, I thought it had broken something!

Larry Jordan

Nice shots of the Anhinga and Cormorant Sallie!

nature rambles

A new bird for me, and such interesting info. Very nice photos too!

Tatjana Parkacheva

Beautiful post.

Regards and best wishes


How cool! I've never seen an Anhinga in person. Nice job!

Patricia Lichen

Aha! I remember seeing anhingas sunning themselves, but I didn't realize they don't have water repellent feathers. Love learning new details like this--thanks!


Great captures! Love the last pic! So beautiful!
Thanks for sharing;o)

Hope you are having a nice week****


Would love to be in Florida to see these marvelous sights. I did not know they lack oiled feathers to help them swim. Interesting. Great stuff as always Sallie!


nice shots. I will soon post some too in my Costa Rica blog. It is a very cool bird.


Beautiful shots, Sallie. We see many cormorants here in melbourne too.


What beautiful captures, so filled with wonderful tones and textures.

EG Wow

Looks like a BIG bird! :)

Jenn Jilks

What an amazing bird! I've never heard of it.
Thanks for highlighting it.
Cheers from Cottage Country!


Thanks for sharing this post. I have learned something new about the non water repellant feathers (it does make sense).
We have Cormorants and Darters in Australia and I have often wondered why they need to dry out their feathers.


Its fun to watch as they dive in the water and then pop up quite a ways away.
Nice captures, Sallie.
cheers :)

Red Nomad OZ

Downunder there's the darter - which is also known as the snake bird!! Snap!!

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - very nice post - was just commenting about these two types of bird and here they are!

Cheers - Stewart M

Lady Fi

Wow - that first shot is superb! What an amazing sight that must have been.


I agree, the anhinga has a more interesting plumage but I like the beak of the cormorant.


Wonderful shots and information about these beautiful birds that we would never hope to see here. It must be great to see them shaking the water from their wings, Sallie.


I enjoyed this post so much. The anhinga if a gorgeous bird.


Great shots of the bird. First shot timing is perfect.


Love it! The flapping of its "tails" looks like a fan! Definitely a neat capture!


Some wonderful info about the Anhinga's they are so Beautiful when you see one up close..Love these Photos!!

Colin Huggins

Wonderful shots Sallie.
I have never heard of anhingas! Cormorants seem to be a World wide species. I saw on a nature show on TV that in Japan they are used by the fishermen to catch their fish. Quite amazing - trained cormorants!
Brisbane. Australia.


Hi Sallie, Great post on the Anhinga, they are cool looking birds. I love when they spread out their wings. Great shots.


Such a cool looking bird! I've seen cormorants in parts of New Jersey but not anhinga. Wish I could catch dinner like that. And all I have to do after is dry off my wings?


I like the markings on the Anhinga. Spreading their wings makes it look like they're wearing a cape.

Boom & Gary

Great post !! Boom & gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


A wonderful post Sallie.. every day is a school day for me.
Many thanks for sharing xx


One stopped here a couple of years ago and the thing about their feathers is interesting..I will add this to Nature Notes when I get the post done Sallie...


Great shots and good info. I didn't know the feathers of an anhinga are not waterproof.


Also makes them more vulnerable to the alligators. Great shots, especially that first one. No the second. OK, all. ;)


Oops, that should have been oil glands not down. :)


A waterbird without down - I've learned something today. :)
What a great wingspan - nice capture Sallie!


wonderful shots! we get cormorants here, but i think we've had a rare anhinga, too. :)


Beautiful shots of a fascinating bird!

Crafty Gardener

fascinating bird


Great shots! Fascinating info-including that about the cormorants! I'd never heard of the anhingas!

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