March 12, 2012



Daffodils are one of the flowers I like the best : I like their colour, the way they smell, and are so cheerful at the end of winter . They make me happy too ! Thanks, Sallie for your post and photos !

LindyLouMac in Italy

Oh I think yours are just as beautiful my friend!


So beautiful. I can see why they do make you happy.


Sallie, I am contemplating using your first pic for a painting. Do I have your permission? Please let me know -thanks!
Of course I can't promise my painting will work out:) I have one rule for myself - never post/sell a painting I'm not satisfied with.


your world has the color of the sun. :)


Very lovely daffodils.


Oh they're so beautiful, Sallie! Lovely colors - hope for you that they'll hold for a while:)


From accidental reds to the out-of-towner yellows. Splendid! We have a few on the west side of the house just waiting to burst into bloom. Enjoy those daffodils, Sallie.


LOVE THOSE...I have a few of various kinds blooming in the yard right now...Its always a challenge to keep the squirrels from destroying them long enough to enjoy the flowers...


Great shots of the beautiful Daffodils!
Wish you a great day.


Me too, I only wished they would come out !! Beautiful and so cheerful pictures !

Stewart M - Australia

Splendid pictures of a splendid flower. I used to live in the English Lake District - and there was a 'host' of these flowers just nearby!

Stewart M


Daffodils always make me smile because it says spring and who doesn't love spring.


Bill did good!
I have stems popping up but no blooms yet. They are definitely harbingers of spring in my world.

Lady Fi

Such wonderfully cheerful flowers! Lovely shots.


Really...I didn't know that..mine are still a long way off..but I love yellow and they make me smile too..


I love the glow of the daffodils! Thanks for reminding me to buy a bunch.


they are beautiful, and how special to find them there!


That cheerful, buttery yellow - who doesn't have memories associated with the first Daffs of spring?


I agree with you totally...they make me happy, too. I love all the different varieties, but my favorites are the little one with the mix of orange and yellow. Your shots are so pretty. genie


The grocery store daffodils are very beautiful.

Kay L. Davies

They're such happy flowers, aren't they? Spring blooms are my favorites, and you're entitled to call daffodils "your" world if your husband bought them for you.
Lovely shots.


Sallie, your daffoldils are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, they make me smile too. Have a great week ahead.!


Daffodils are such a happy flower and = Spring for me! Lovely shots!

hannah uk

Flowers always cofme with feelings and nostalgia, don't they?
Deep yellow these. I picked a in the woods yesterday.


Beautiful flowers! I don't see them here in central Florida.


I know how special daffodils are. I just do not remember which charity sells daffodils for their fund raiser!

The yellows make my world bright!

Sylvia Kirkwood

Yep, have to agree with Gary! If I had some here they'd make me even happier, but I do love your captures for the day, Sallie! These are exquisite! Hope you have a great week!


EG Wow

Beautifi\ul daffodils! I can almost smell their aroma.

Boom & Gary

They'd make me happier if they were here. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

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