March 21, 2012


Lavender Dreams

Thanks for giving me the link to your signs! I've enjoyed looking at them tonight! Stop by my blog again soon...I'm having a giveaway!

Gemma Wiseman

A quirky twist to the sign! After all, when hairdressers wash hair, they massage the scalp! That is mental therapy! Sheer bliss!


It would get me in the salon. Nothing better than a hair cut with therapy.


that's different.smile


Ha! I had to laugh, Sallie... BUt as you say, having a good long chat withy our hairdresser is as good as therapy! :-)


A good funny one! We all need a little mental therapy every once in awhile. :)


This is a precious find, Sallie... Hits close to home, though: part of my break at home involves exactly this kind of mental therapy! LOL!


A boat trip to the hair-dressers could be a good idea-an excuse for an outing!

Colin Huggins

Hi Sallie.
Well some amusing comments, but my vote is for Pam.
Salon could have become Saloon - quote: "Hi Sallie, it would have been even funnier if the sign read saloon instead of salon"!
Actually if you really want to know everything that is going on, talk with taxi drivers and, barbers! Especially
men's barbers in small towns! God only knows the "gossip" of the ladies' beauty parlours. See the movie/DVD "Steel Magnolias". That really sums it all up - ha ha!
Colin, Brisbane - now again Quacksville, Australia!
After my e-mail earlier this morning, it has poured all day and looks like doing so for a few more days as the cyclone comes down the coastline.
Now back to my duck dictionary and lessons!


Sounds like a winning combination.

Lady Fi

That is a fun sign, although I do wonder what mental therapy is!

I'm happy to report that your comment on my blog using your Typepad ID worked perfectly. Hopefully, WP has fixed whatever went wrong with their new commenting system...


It SHOULD say, Full SERVICE salon!



it is always torture for me to go to a salon and make small-talk. but i'm not your typical 'girlie girl' type. i'd NEED mental therapy if i had to go there! :)


Get your hair and nails done and talk out your problems...
Hmmmm....not a bad idea but I wonder if what happens at the salon stays at the salon! :)


I love it! Yes, getting one's hair done can be a form of therapy.


What a fun sign. My hair's so long and damaged at this point that when I finally go for a cut the hair dresser will need mental therapy.


I will hold my tongue.
(but that is funny!)


Sallie, how can you do that to us -that comment BEGS for a funny response (I'm laughing all the way). My hair stylist knows all about my relatives, friends, kids, grandkids (and i am a therapist - what's wrong with this picture?)


I'm a guy with almost no hair so that shop isn't for me. Except maybe the last part!


Hi Sallie, it would have been even funnier if the sign read saloon instead of salon. Just a passing thought from an east-coast oldie with a warped sense of humor :)

Hope all is well with you.
Pam i still am i think ~:)

*That dang Blogger no longer shows your Typepad post on my dashboard :(
I'm so glad you have a blogger ID to link your blog 2.
Its the same with Wordpress blogs.

Lindy MacDuff

Sounds like a great full-service salon!


My daughter, who is a hair dresser, would agree that getting a good hair cut, with a fun hair stylist is MENTAL Therapy!!!



Hahaha, Sallie, you made me laugh! A one stop beauty care place! My hair is short but grows so fast that I need a hair cut once a month.


i think when they allow you to rant and rave while getting your nails done, that's mental therapy :) i think i should visit a salon soon. i could use some venting :)


Sallie, I know you don't need ANY mental therapy! But - couldn't we all use some of the "fun therapy" that is included in the service? (Now my mind is wandering to what the "fun service" might be!)


Love it! Nice to see a good sense of humour!


does their 'mental therapy' include wine?

Luna Miranda

a great way to de-stress. a scalp massage is a mental therapy i enjoy.:p

Norma Ruttan

sounds enticing to me


This place sounds so good that I would be willing to drive my wife there.

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