March 14, 2012


Rambling Woods

I am with you..I wish we had far fewer signs cluttering up everything


@Stewart - the way this is written, it does replace the decimal point.
Though, I notice it doesn't say what size the signs are!


Sallie, this is a good one.


I agree with you the sign polution. Garage sales and polictics seem to go up but never come down.


The price is right but I'm with you on that there are already too many signs on too many corners.
I can understand advertising say for an event, but when the event is over you should go back and take them down.
Political signs really get me too - everywhere and NEVER removed. :)

ann nz

at least no body defaced this sign.


I'd pay with pleasure too. It's the same thing here and nobody wants to stop it.


Very funny. When you're done removing signs, would you please start on the billboards? Slept with the window open last night...it's that warm up here. Crazy.

Colin Huggins

Well Sallie - I would probably buy one of those signs to display in front of our apartment block where now commuter travellers park their cars in front of rubbish bins which can't be collected. People these days are very inconsiderate ( deleted word). The sign would say ( also deleted for the sensitive readers - just use your imagination!) My bin was not collected and is still out there three days on. One young "P" plater parked right in front of it this morning. Did she ever get a mouthful - the car was promply moved forward! This has resulted in 4 phone calls to the Brisbane City Council on the subject. Yep, I'd buy a sign for sure, but it would probably last a day at the most before a 'feral' removed it, unless it was so cemented in that even a cyclone would not move the darn thing.
Seems I am the only one who approves of this blog on signs, except Andy.


At least the guy is working.

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - I think I may be cut out for some form of work that involves being a pedant. But the sign say 99 signs for $9900 - since when did lower case relace a decimal point! $1000 a sign would give you some form of impressive advertising!

Stewart M - Australia


They only get better-very well spotted!!!


That is an unusual sign. A sign for signs. I agree with your sentiment. Get rid of roadside sign pollution.


Who the heck would need 99 signs???


Very creative!

Lindy MacDuff

Maybe a deal for a politician; I don't know who else would want 99 signs. Good catch Sallie!


Hilarious this is, and indeed true.. There is so much of visual pollution these days along the highways and the roadways, even in India.


I've noticed more billboards along highways than used to be. I though Lady Byrd put a stop to that a long time ago. Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good, helpful and funny sign once in a while, but that one is plumb stupid.


I agree with you 100 per cent, and you made me laugh. I can just wee you now going around and pulling them all up and out of the ground. genie


you made me laugh


A sign of the times and a sign too much (even if cheap).


Visual pollution is cheap. The public gets to pay for the cleanup.



J Bar

So true.


Oh you are funny Sallie. But its true sometimes there's way too much signs on the roadside.


Great catch Sallie!


Hmmm, where should I post the other 98 signs? That's a lot of clutter.

Re: Baghdad Cafe, I was there and inside and out. There were so many cool memorabilia. I love to visit the old rte 66, and in fact been there 3 times for photo shoot.


99 signs is 98 too many.

EG Wow

HeHeHe! Cool one!

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