March 29, 2012



Wow!!! That top picture is incredible. I love the sky at the top but the one mirrored in the lake is equally as beautiful. You need to enter this one in a contest. Extremely good.


I love that little colorful bridge that looks like a boxcar. The water looks mighty refreshing, too.


I love the first shot, the two window (holes) look like eyes and the bridge itself looks live a face of a robot! Aha, me and my imagination.

Hi Sallie,I am done with my projects and I can't wait to see them in the next couple of weeks.


I like taking photos of covered bridges it always has a lot of character just like these bridge. ^_^



African Queen : you are right ! I like so much Katharine Hepburn. Did you fell like her on your boat ?


Quite fantastic shots.


What a cool covered bridge...and the reflection in the water is super. What a great shot. The moss in the second shot reminds me of Florida, and the reflection of the clouds on the blue waters is gorgeous. Lovely post. genie


Beautiful shots, Sallie. Especially the sky and clouds in the last photo. Hope you had fun at the beach!


Very nice captures Sallie! That is one very cool looking bridge.
Hey...was the food good?


Glad to see you were back and enjoyed this shots, Sallie.

Rita aka Cashjocky

I love the shot of that turquoise bridge. I'm a tad envious that you can go to lunch by water. I love being in the sun and around the water. Can't believe I married an "Old Salt" that has had his fill of both and prefers to spend his retirement in front of the TV.

But, I just learned that I have some skin cancer on my face from being a sun worshiper so I guess I should learn to enjoy that small screen as well.

Thanks for visiting me and leaving all those great comments. You made my day. I've been needing to have that kind of boost to my creative juices.

Rambling Woods

Sigh...lovely ..we have snow today


Gorgeous relections...love that sky!

LindyLouMac in Italy

How delightful, I think there is something special about arriving for lunch by boat.

Stewart M - Australia

That would be a great place for lunch - but don’t you want to sneak out and look for birds?!!

Cheers Stewart M

Peter B

Taking a boat to a restaurant... how cool is that!? Happy skywatching.

Mama Zen

The clouds are so beautifully reflected in that third shot!


I love the firs one most!
have a great weekend!

Colin Huggins

Hi Sallie

The "river" ride sure does remind one of that movie, "The African Queen". I can just with my very vivid imagination see you as ,Katharine Hepburn, and your hubbie as, Humphrey Bogart! I hope no alligators came to view your progress???
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: Absolutely magnificent sunny Autumn day.


I love how the ripples in the water distort the 2 little peepholes of the bridge
on the actual bridge they look like eyes

Sylvia Kirkwood

Love your reflections and beautiful skies, Sallie! Terrific captures for the day! I do love watery reflections!! Hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy!



Wonderful views, with such nice reflections.


Nice photos Sallie! Especially the first one. The reflection of the cloudy blue sky is beautiful.


Nope, no snow in your OR my neck of the woods, Sallie! You had a BEAUTIFUL day for boating. And what a neat name, Caloosahatchie. :-)

Boom & Gary

Great reflections!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


What gorgeous skies and fantastic reflections...so serene.


What a lovely little bridge. I love the color, so typical of Florida.
be well and happy, Sallie


Nice to get all three themes in one!


Gorgeous shots! I love the second picture the most and the sky reflection is simply beautiful. I am really grateful to you that I get to travel to so many lovely places through your fabulous postings here. Many thanks for sharing all the beauty, Sallie :)


I love fluffy clouds !


An interesting tour for lunch.

Lady Fi

Wonderful shots. That bridge is just charming!


Beautiful reflections and an unusual bridge.


my goodness, these are gorgeous reflections! that last one is perfectly glassy! :)


Loved your reference to the "African Queen". :)
Those reflections are awesome!! I especially like the last one.


All great shots and I love the marvelous reflections.


Beautiful shots. I'd love to pull up to a restaurant on a boat - that's so exotic to me!

Jenn Jilks

How beauitful!!!! You get around, woman. Glad you can share it with me!

Greetings from Cottage Country!


Gorgeous skies, Sallie. And the reflection of the clouds on the water is beautiful. The bridge is cute, looks like a covered bridge. Is for pedestrians or cars? I would love to take a boat ride around the mangroves, I would think all kinds of birds would be finding home there. LOvely photos, have a great weekend.


COOL! I would love to go there.



These are beautiful. Reminds me of Louisiana. :)


Fantastic shots, Sallie! The reflections are simply stunning and those skies wonderful.
Enjoy your weekend.


Lovely that you are back! The photos are gorgeous and it must be beautiful on the channel with the restaurant!

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