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March 14, 2012


soho stitch

Thank goodness for your photos - what a funny name for a palm. :)


Palms are so neat and so useful too. It is amazing how many different species there are. Great post :)


What an useful tree ! No cabbage palms here but spruces and larches. Soon tre next ones'll be beautiful with their new pink cones. I'll put photos of them in my blog.

NatureFootstep Photography

strange name for a palm. It is a good looking tree and seemingly very useful. Thanks for the info.


I think we have these palms grown in the Phils. We make use of every part of the tree. Not sure, if you call it a spine, but we use that to make broom sticks!


I was very interested in your info about the sabal palmetto palm. I planted a number of them in my front yard in Queensland, Australia along with a number of other kinds and those ones are doing the best of any. They are not yet as tall as the ones you have in your photo. I wanted a tropical palm 'forest' and after 8 years they all look great.

nature rambles

That's beautiful! We have less exotic-looking ones in our region. I like the thatched roof too.


Beautiful palms. I like how the thatched roof looks, and last for a long time.


just like on 'Survivor'. :)


What a beautiful tree and I love the basketweave


What a neat looking trunk and I am reading a book about the early natives in Florida so now I know what they are talking about...thanks for adding to my knowledge base Sallie and for your kind comments..Michelle


That's a very beautiful palm and I love the thatched roof on the shelter.


I like how full these palms are
the palm trees I'm familiar with look like Q-tips :)

EG Wow

Palms give me that magical feeling that I am visiting paradise!


Hey! thanks for visiting my blog earlier :) I like all the different types of palms! Have you ever noticed the difference between the ones north of Tampa Bay and south of Tampa Bay? I think it is the difference between zones 9 and 10, but the ones to the south have green trunks sometimes and are smoother. I need to get a book that identifies them. I did not know you could EAT the fruit of the sabal palm!

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