March 22, 2012



Brrrr! I'll take our mild and boring (as some would say) weather any day! Nice pics!


My daughter in Portland was telling me about this snow. She and the kids were thrilled because, for one thing, they had a rare snow day from school!!


I do not like the terrible heat we have in Texas, but will take it over snow.

Trapper Creek Daughter

That warm Florida weather looks inviting! I'm an Oregonian from near the west end of the Columbia River Gorge and we got over a foot of snow!

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - nice set of pictures. Spring with you means autumn with me. Heating clicked on this morning for the first time.

I'm about to post my first 'autumn' pictures for 2012.

Despite living here for almost 20 years the idea of 'March' and 'autumn' still feels strange.



Snow and skies : all are blue and I like that a lot !

Sandy Carlson (USA)

You have me grateful for spring warmth! Fun post. Thanks.


We are having hot weather for here 81* but it is supposed to cool off on Monday. I'm enjoying it!


Patricia Lichen

Ha! I was one of those near Portland, OR, waking to the snow two days ago. Such very strange weather. The grass has been growing too high, but hard to get out and mow between the rain and snow squalls this spring!

Rita aka Cashjocky

Great shots Sallie,

I would have nothing but wind shots so show for the weather here of late. Lots of tornatos.

Nice to be back and I am glad to read you are in Florida. I'm sad for you though that your weather is missing a lot of the sunshine one expects there.


It sounds like the weather is normal there in Florida but we are finally seeing winter in the far west. We took advantage of a break in the storms to go to the bay area for a few days, back just in time for another round of wet.


I love both sets of photos. I enjoy snow, which is a good thing as we almost always see some snow in May, and sometimes even in June.


We don't have any flowers, or even hints of them, but the air is soft, and the d*%$ ticks are back. :<)


Well, you may not be experiencing weird weather in Florida right now, but later, who knows? It's been unusual most everywhere lately...


Beautiful collage, Sallie. I always wish we would get a bit of snow in Melbourne, but unfortunately our climate is too mild for that...


I really like your collage. I'm not fond of snow and am really glad we've had a mild winter in Canada. But I'm not trusting the early spring just yet!

Clair Z.

Oh, those lovely photos of water! Thank you for sharing them, especially with this land-locked desert dweller.

Our friends back east tell us they never had enough snow to shovel all winter. I guess it all landed in the Pacific Northwest. Crazy weather!


Can you send me some of that unchanging blue sky weather, please! I've only been back in China one day and I'm already fed up with the gray! As for that Oregon stuff... brrrr...!

[I could live on a houoseboat, too... maybe in Holland or England... but these concrete ones don't look all that charming.]


What beautiful captures, each one a lovely image. Have a great day.


Your Florida blue skies are very beautiful and I also like the snow shots from Oregon. There's no telling what will happen here. It's like spring and even summer but could easily change to winter at least briefly.

Joe Todd

Hi Sallie.. I don't know about Watery Wednesday. Next week I may link with http://nfmemes.blogspot.se/search/label/NFWaters
When will you be heading back to Oregon or taking tje Roadtrek out? Sunshine and in the 80"s in Ohio pretty unusual for us this time of year LOL...

LindyLouMac in Italy

What contrasts!


The bottom of the above flickr page and the following page, show Lincoln City at this time of year!!!


I understand the people who move to Florida when they retire !!

Lady Fi

Gorgeous shots - even the snowy ones: reminds me of many winters here in Sweden.


Beautiful set of images of spring.


No wonder, Florida is the winter capital! Such gorgeous skies and weather all year long.

Hmmm, that looks like a lot of snow shoveling! I am glad I am a city girl, LOL!


I am enjoying our blue skies here too


yeah, i think your blues are much appreciated. :)


I prefer you usual weather to that unusual snow in central Oregon.


Well - even more reason to enjoy your blue skies!

Magical Mystical Teacher

I would definitely take your present spring to the ones you experienced in Oregon in the past!

Jenn Jilks

How wonderful.
But not the snow.
We are amazed with the weather here. Climate Change is a bad thing. They fear for the critters, the ecosystem is so finely balanced.

Can't believe its Friday again...
Greetings from Cottage Country!
p.s. have my Internet back. :-)


You're more than loving Florida at the moment I bet!
It's been in the 80's here the past couple of days. We're praying we don't get a freeze because everything is in bloom.
Lovely sky shots Sallie!


Hi Sallie, I much prefer the sunny Florida shots over the snowy Oregon shots. Your mosaic is beautiful, thanks for sharing.

Tatjana Parkacheva

Beautiful collage.

Regards and best wishes

Boom & Gary

Strange, its waem here, and all the snow is gone. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Oh, gosh. Sounds like Western Oregon got the weather we usually get here in Illinois, where records have been broken for eight days in a row for high temperatures in the 80's. March isn't over yet here, however, so I won't hold my breath. We could still get snow. Enjoy your blue skies and warmth, Sallie.

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