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March 15, 2012



Awesome colors! Great SWF shots!


Hi Sallie! Gorgeous sky shots! This is truly eye candy for me... didn't see any red in a sky until I came home for a short break a few days ago... and saw a pink sky last night, YAY! It's been sooo gray and dreary in southern Guangdong where I've been... to where I must return for work in a few days. I miss blogging, but will only be able to do it sporadically in the next busy months. Trust you are well!

NatureFootstep memes

the sky set on fire. Gorgeous shots. :)


Gorgeous skies! Not stupid.

Rambling Woods

These are stunning Sallie...Michelle


SOOO cool! major WOW factor!


Sallie, WOW! I love the colors, it is such a gorgeous sky to see. The second shot with the birds in flight is beautiful. Happy Skywatching!

Mickie Brown

Gorgeous skies!!!! A real treat to see. Mickie :)

Lady Fi

Wow - amazing colours and so gorgeous!


Soft and silky! Love the blazing red hot colors!

Mary, MI

Wow it's magnificent sky!


Gorgeous shots. I love the pink reflection in the water.


Terrific views. All of them are my favorite.


on fire! beautiful!

Sylvia Kirkwood

Oh, you did indeed have some awesome skies this week, Sallie, and your captures are fantastic! Such dramatic colors! Truly breathtaking! Hope you have some more of these over the weekend!! Happy SWF! Enjoy!



Your last pic is my favorite! You probably didn't read or forgot, but I like your permission,
Sallie to use your vase with daffodils in a painting.
Let me know! Thanks so much!


Oh, simply gorgeous!


Your skies this week are beautiful. The red is so stunning in the first one. It looks like it is on fire. genie

Laura Hegfield

brilliant...in all possible ways!


Wow, I love a little red in the skies, or a lot of red. Nice pics.


Wow! The sky is on fire in that first one. :)
The second one is lovely and serene and made special with that flock of birds.
Beautiful shots Sallie!

Boom & Gary

Great skies!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


The top picture is unbelievable. It does look a painting. I'll bet it was amazing to see in person.


Love the colors and the humor! Nice composition too!


Great colours in the sky!
Happy skywatch to you!


Positively gorgeous captures Sallie. That first shot is SO fiery! and the second - very very beautiful - definitely a framer. Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend.

Kay L. Davies

Wow, red, white, blue and yellow. Nice shots, Sallie.

Tatjana Parkacheva

Beautiful photos.
Sky in the first photo is magnificent.

Regards and best wishes

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