March 20, 2012



Wonderful shot (and bird), Sallie : so white and gracious !


Yellow slippers is such a cool name. Ding Darling seems to be a prime birding hot spot!


ONE of my favorite long legged waders I love the feet and the awesome feathers...


"Yellow Slippers!" How poetic! What a pretty bird.


Oh my what a stunning shot of the snowy egret, Sallie.
Well done my friend!
Pam :)


It is a beauty! I love these photos:)

Tatjana Parkacheva

Beautiful bird.

Regards and best wishes

Stewart M - Australia

Yes it does have yellow slippers!

I think the gulls on the Oregon coast may be a different species - which just goes to show that gulls in general really are everywhere.



The egret is gorgeous!


Snowy and showy is best described for your photos. They are lovely birds!

Oh Sallie, I could scream with joy with your comments! Honestly they are an inspiration. And for that, I will show you more. Hehehe, I rewarded myself with a new lens (macro) and will be using/practising it on Saturday's visit to the gardens.

Lindy MacDuff

Beautiful bird!


Great photos of the Snowy Egret and I like the yellow slippers!


Love the first shot Sallie! He looks like he's watching the foam on the water just glide by.
I don't know if this is a male or female but the legs look clothed in black stockings and then topped off with some fine yellow shoes.
Really beautiful shot!


Seems like a good name from the Seminoles..just finished a book about them


This is such a beautiful bird, Sallie, and your pictures are so wonderful. So regal. I enjoyed your boat pictures and that butterfly and chrysalis. It seems like magic to me as well.

Joe Todd

Sallie no place to link for Watery wed. at least not yet.. Don't know why..


One of my favourites, what is not to like about wearing bright yellow slippers :)


Yellow slippers is an appropriate name. Your images are outstanding.

Larry Jordan

Gorgeous shots of the Snowy Egret Sallie! I love the name "Yellow Slippers" and am going to start using it on my birding adventures with other birders ;-) Just like I use "Water Ouzel" instead of American Dipper and "Marsh Hawk" instead of Northern Harrier.


Such a beauty!! Very good photgraphs :)


How magnificent that egret is, Sallie! Lovely shots of it.

Mary Howell Cromer

Just so beautiful! I like the sea foam surrounding the bird, makes it even more interesting. Have a great week~

Colin Huggins

I have to agree with Diane ( I presume Diane from Brisbane?),
I thought the title was a bit funny, so on a re-look I spotted the feet - funny eh? - black legs and yellow "toes"!!!
Great shot of the SNOWY EGRET.
Colin. Brisbane, Australia.
Weather update: cyclones moving down the coastline, not raining at present (!!!??) in Brisbane.


A beautiful bird.


What a beautiful bird. I love the name yellow slippers.


Canary Slippers, - what a lovely name! I am enjoying your Wednesday Bird pictures, Sallie.


Lovely images of a beautiful bird Sallie.
I love your title..xx


A great specimen. I love his yellow slippers, which I may not have noticed until reading the text.I did wonder about the title until then.


The Snowy egrets are beautiful! Great capture, Sallie!

Boom & Gary

Absolutely beautiful!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


what a beauty! have never seen one of these in person. don't believe we get them 'round these parts...

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