April 11, 2012



I am fascinated by your alligator shots! And canĀ“t imagine to meet one in person outside. Just know them from the zoo.
Thanks for sharing!


I love alligator photos! I just wonder who would be dumb enough to aggravate one? LOL


You would not see me aggravating an alligator. I would like to see them from a distance though. Great shots, Sallie. Have a wonderful weekend!


No idea why or which one would win but I love that shot of the 'gator and turtle circling one another.


That sign just made me LOL - as if anyone would. We don't have alligators over here in the UK but if we did I would find them almost as fascinating as birds, don't undestand why anyone wouldn't unless fasmiliarity etc etc..


I'd have to say that sign gives great advice! I don't blame you for being fascinated with alligators - they are fascinating!


Who can have the idea to aggravate the alligators ? Sure, not me !

Sandy Carlson (USA)

I would love to have that sign outside my classroom!


I so enjoyed your Colorado links. You stayed in Fruita on your way to the Million Dollar Highway, which made you go right through our little town.

Next time you come back, please let me know Terry and I would love to meet you!


Rambling Woods

I would like to see them..aside from the snapping turtles here. I don't get to see many true dinosaurs..


I would want to feed them but never aggravate them
I love all your alligator shots, I think they're beautiful creatures
and the turtle is wonderful
I was surprised they were so close to each other


Oooh they are so creepy but fascinating, so prehistoric looking.

LindyLouMac in Italy

I am fascinated by them and took photos when we saw them in Thailand, that I have yet to share, so one day! I have enjoyed your photos, great sign as if anyone would!


Great post. All wild animals are fascinating for me. Alligators are very special.
A funny sign. Who needs to read that?


I like to see pictures of alligators or see them (from far) life, so you don't annoy me at all !

J Bar

That freaks me out.

Luna Miranda

the riddles made me smile.:) these are mean-looking alligators!
i wonder how to aggravate one...i have no plans of doing it, just wondering.:p

Colin Huggins

Great post Sallie.
Your e-mail is still not responding??????
If alligators are like crocodiles, which, of course, they are, they do eat turtles. I hope that clarifies "Lady Fi's" comment.
Just one snap of those powerful jaws and exit one turtle!
That sign is so funny!
Here in "croc country areas up north", the sign would say, "Crocodiles, DO NOT ENTER THIS WATER".
Quite simple, if you can read, but there are fools who can't and so they become a very tasty meal.
After all the alligators of the USA, and the crocodiles of Australia and Africa were there first, it is their territory and fearful as they are, they do have their rights!
What's that little song jingle - "and with one snap and you've gone"!
Great blog story and photos, Sallie. Keep up the good work.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
No weather report today - the situation changes too fast! Sky black one minute and now again blue!

Lady Fi

They are fascinating animals - throw-backs to the dinosaur! Lucky they don't eat turtle!


Lovely post! Terrific captures, Sallie :) Don't know who would win in the race but the giant turtle sure looks to be in the lead :P


i think they're absolutely fascinating! :) and the sign deserves a big 'duh!' :)


Omg! If gators can cross the road I would not be wondering here ^_^



Sallie - Great pics! Who could get tired (or aggravated) over these critters? How great to see them "swimming" together.


Don't know about in the wild, but caged gators are interesting.As to your riddles, I have no idea! But I like Andy's answer!


I lOVE them....we have a few around here too. I wish THAT TV show about harrassing them would go off the air, its not good for those kind of morons to be out in nature they should stay in honkey tonks where they belong, eh? Great SHOTS too!!


I find these critters fascinating!
Great Post Sallie!


As one of those who don't see alligators very often I'm enjoying your photos.

OldOldLady Of The Hills

Thanks for coming by and thanks for your lovely comment on The Hawks....! I will be posting more, for sure.
I LOVE pictures of ALL wildlife and other creatures of Nature, like The Alligators....They are amazing looking! In fact, I have lots of Lizards in my garden that look very ancient, like The Alligator does...! Thanks so much for posting these photos.


Great shots - I must remember not to aggravate the alligators when I'm in Florida! So why did the alligator cross the road? Was it to get to the aggravating tourist?


No problem! I'll take the high road.
Nice shooting, Sallie.

Clair Z.

I can't imagine seeing something like this up close, but then I suppose lots of people are put off by our rattlesnakes. LOL.

Rita aka Cashjocky

I have never seen an alligator up close and personal and don't think I would want to either. But, I would not pass up the chance to photograph them if I could get a blog post out of the shots.

Sallie, next time you get to my photo blog you may want to click on the link to my regular blog on the sidebar. I started back to posting there a couple of weeks ago. Some photos just have to have the story told and I didn't want to start cluttering up the photo blog with dialog.

Thanks for all your nice comments today.


Why did the alligator cross the road?
To get to the photographer on the other side.


I'm so glad you are posting these great shots. Alligators are fascinating animals and so or turtles so it was a bonus having them both.


been face to face with an alligator, scared the heck out of me.

EG Wow

Okie dokie! :))


I love to see animals in the wild! I still remember the sounds of baby gators in the Everglades.


I wouldn't dream of it!
Alligators do not fascinate me.

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