April 06, 2012



Love the wonderful abstract look of that first one and though I loved that last one in color this black and white one is really stunning!

Jenn Jilks

What fun! We have a bridge like that near here. I didn't know it had a name!

Louis la Vache


Very belatedly, «Louis» thanks you for this fine contribution to Sunday Bridges.

(«Louis» works long (often 20 hour) days on the weekends, so it is difficult for him to visit...)

LindyLouMac in Italy

Isn't it interesting how different the same things look in black and white as opposed to the colour shots!


These are perfect fodder for the Black n White look...it would be something to see a train going over that bridge!!

Rita aka Cashjocky

I would never have known the first shot was a bridge. It looks like a very complicated machine. But, the second shot is wonderful. I love bridges and would love to add this one to my screen saver if you don't mind?

Sally, thank you for being such a great follower. I so appreciate you and how you uplift my days.


Nice pictures ! I think I see these things also in black and white, lol!

Clair Z.

So complicated! I like your comment that you see mechanical things in black and white. My son, when he was little, believed that the world I grew up in was in black and white (before we had color)!


Wonderful shapes in both photos. Absolutely perfect in B&W.


Gorgeous shot! And a fascinating bridge, wow.. loved this one!

Colin Huggins

Hi Sallie and Bill (TOH!)

Your e-mail address is not working??
Have you changed it?
Please send the new one.
Happy days for Easter or now what is left
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)


This is a huge close up of the bridge. Reminds me something military!

Nice B/W treatment.

Happy Easter Sallie!


Hi Sallie, cool bridge shots. The gears do look like they belong in B&W. Great photos, Happy Sunday!

Rambling Woods

I think we have a bridge similar to that in function along the Niagara River


Sallie-do have a look at:
and let me know when your email is up and running again!


I like your shots, Sallie, black and white or with colours. One of my grand-fathers worked as a "bridge-maker" (?) and built a brigde like this one in, Sète (a beautiful sea-side town in southern France) in the 1925's. I liked this bridge and was always afraid a little too when I saw it going up.


Great B&W shots, Sallie. The detailed view of the bridge is an amazing photo.


Very well done! Nice!!! Happy Easter!



Your first shot is awesome, Sallie. Nice capture!
cheers :)


Very nice shot. Like it!


Machines do look very well in B&W. I like both these shots!

Lady Fi

These are gorgeous in black and white!

Sandy Carlson (USA)

Amazing technology working for you. Your photos are wonderful.


I've noticed quite a few bridges in the permanent open position around the delta. They seem to be old railroad bridges for lines no longer in use.

ann nz

reminds me, I have to look for bridge photos again. Never neen on a BASCULE BRIDGE. I can only think of a lock.


Quite a different look in monochrome. Great shots!


you must have an engineering mind or something. :)


That is a whole new picture in black and white (second shot). I liked the color version too but I think my favorite is seeing it in black and white. I also like the detail you showed in the first shots. I hope you have a great Easter Weekend!


Great b&w Shot!
Happy Easter to you!


That up and down bridge really knocks my socks off in black and white. It is marvelous though I miss that bit off brown color in the wake. Those gears are gigantic...they really are impressive. I am going to have to research a railroad bridge because all the ones I have seen just go straight across like in Stuart, Fl, and the other towns we used to drive through when I was a little girl. Am gonna try to get up some posts today because next week Eloise has decided that she is coming to Camp Baga for OUR Easter brake. That is not the rule...it is only in summer...but how could I let her down. I may post a little note with “off for break this week” because there is not going tone time to play much on the computer. genie

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