April 16, 2012



Wow, that IS a big change from RVing for a decade. If the urge to BE committed gets to strong, just get on the road again. But for now, enjoy that new space and wonderful sky, Sallie.


Wow - what great fun you've been having!! It looks so good. I envy you the porch, especially, and all the extra room. I like how you said "have" to shop for furniture. Hope you have a great time doing that.


It looks like you are putting down roots, soon you'll be taking up quilting or some other settled project with all that room you have now.


That looks fantastic, Sallie. I am sure you will enjoy your new abode immensely.


I really admire the life choices you have made, Sallie, and these amendments are super. Your posts always emote a contended life. Be well.


Delightful! You have the perfect spot! And if we weren't here, that is where I would LOVE to be!



A screened porh is a so delightful place ! We have few here in France, and I dream to have one ... I suppose in an other life.


I tried to leave a comment here last night but for some reason when I clicked post it just kept trying so I'm going to try again.
I think with sunrises like that a nice comfy place to sit and watch is going to be lovely.
I do like the different colored chairs. I see them at my local pharmacy and want one of every color. :)
Can't wait to see the finished 'after' shots. In the meantime enjoy shopping for furniture.


I cannot believe you are going to stay “at home” now. Still, the boat is right there so off you can go on a moment’s notice. I love your use of a “Florida Room.” When I use that tern people look at me like I am nuts. That was a common place term growing up in Palm Beach. Love the house and the porch. Hope you all will be happy there. Fires seem quieter tonight so am not choking on it for a while. Thanks for you notes and thoughts. It is gonna take an awful lot to slow me down. genie

Rambling Woods

It looks wonderful Sallie...Michelle


Looks lovely and will be really spacious now!

LindyLouMac in Italy

A lovely addition to your canal home.


Looks great and I know it will add so much to your enjoyment of your home.


I love the additions
what a lovely place you have
a screened in porch is a dream of mine


I think you are committed. It is looking like a super home especially for winter. You are doing what I would like to do. Have a home in Brisbane for all the seasons except summer and then I would like a home in Tasmania for summer. Ahhh wishful thinking. It is too late now we can't afford another house.

Red Nomad OZ

Well, THAT'S not manners! Fancy showing that beautiful scene then saying it's your view!! Lucky you!!!


That looks really great now ! Ideal to enjoy retirement !

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - looks like the roots are well and truly put down.

What a splendid place!



Hey Sallie, change is good. Are you excited to put all the decors? That would be fun but a lot of hard work.

Hope everything is well with your ISP.

Thanks for your wonderful comments, and I really like to share what Southern California has to offer to my readers.

Lots of photos, been running around with different groups, depending on what I like. I have shifted a little bit, been doing mural and artists' work lately.


A screened in porch is a perfect idea! I know you will have many happy hours sitting outside and safe from those pesky bugs.


I love the canal porch and the FL room will give you more space.

Colin Huggins

Wow!!!!! Sallie and "TOH".
That looks fantastic and a great marina type place to live. Boat on the canal, and car at the back! Just the idyllic place to enjoy retirement. Good for you. You both have earned it.
I am sure your furniture fittings etc. will be of excellent quality for comfort. Just make sure, the Ibis are kept off the deck! ( Couldn't help that, ha ha and for God's sake don't feed them, they are very "pooey"!!!)
Oh, your e-mail is again not working??????
Colin ( Brisbane, Australia)
PS: Weather report: Totally impossible to predict. Poured rain early, now fine, and storm clouds reappearing. My lingua franca of the Duck vocabulary is on the improve, as are my webbed feet!

Sylvia Kirkwood

Oh, Sallie, this is terrific! I love it and I'm so happy for you! Thanks for sharing it with us! I know you will both enjoy this so very much!!


Kay L. Davies

Going to be absolutely wonderful, Sallie.
I wish I were shopping for furniture (one of my favorite sports), but am looking forward to a kitchen reno next month, so I'll have to be satisfied with that.


IT looks great!! Both awesome additions to your life there!!


That looks so good! It was well worth the effort.


I love it. I bet you enjoy it for many hours!


I can understand staying put there, it's beautiful.


Your additions look great. I know you'll enjoy them. I'll look forward to future shots.

J Bar

Looks like a great place to live.


that's awesome! congrats on some 'roots'. :)


Lots of work and I know you will enjoy it. At least, until that bug to move along again bites!


Sallie, I love you screened in porch. What a great addition to your home. I know you will be enjoying your time on your new porch.

Boom & Gary

Great new look!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

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