April 13, 2012



Swampy waters up close are a bit of an ick for me, but still I'd visit to see all the wildlife. Seeing the wetlands in your photos is superb. Is Immature Ibis a kind of ibis, or immature another word for young?

[Am waaay behind on blog hopping, but it's so dastardly slooow for me through the proxy. Hope you are smiling, Sallie!]


I love murky reflections, they're dramatic

I made myself laugh over 'immature ibis' thinking he needed to behave more like a grown-up
yes, I'm odd


Wonderful captures, definitely a great place for photo ops. Have a great week.


Lovely reflection shots, Sallie!


Great photos, love that spoonbill!


Nice reflection shots even in swampy and murky waters. I love the base of those trees, they look like duck feet. Here comes my imagination again.


looks like a wonderful place, all those big stately birds wandering around!


Beautiful! I always love to see just what you are up too! I would love to visit a swamp/wetlands someday to visit all those great places. And I would LOVE to hug and Cypress Tree!



It looks a great nature reserve with lots of lovely birds but I'd be a bit wary of Mr Alligator.


Looks like my kind of place to visit. Wonderful photos of the birds and the cypress trees are cool. Great photos. I hope you have a lovely week ahead.

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - the sets of reflections are great!

When I was away I had little else to do in the evenings than take the pictures off my camera and look at the moon - feels like time well spent!


Clair Z.

You see such amazing things!

Jenn Jilks

I love visiting folks with different flora and fauna! Great shots!


You are right, such a great place for so many beautiful shots! Awesome.


you have so many nice places. Those cypresses looks like fine dresses. Could be a woman wearing them. :)

LindyLouMac in Italy

What beautiful reflections. I have just seen your message at the top of the page, News From Italy does have an FB page if you want to make contact with me there any time Sallie. :)


Those Cypress trees look pretty big from where I'm standing. Looks like a great place for birds and all sorts of other wildlife too. Thanks for sharing.

Sherry in MT

Those cypress are amazing trees and I love seeing the water birds. Lovely shots all of them.

Lady Fi

Those are lovely birds! Love the cypress trees too - have never seen them this close up before.

Sandy Carlson (USA)

Those birds are beautiful. So are the trees. Thank you.


Beautiful photos and great reflections.
Love the Ibis and Spoonbill.
Wish you a wonderful day.

Eva @View from the Hillside

What a wonderful looking place, and great reflection.


Love the Ibis and Spoonbill shots the best. :)


This is a great national reserve! The bottom of these tree trunks are very interestingly shaped! Thanks for capturing this for us!

Rambling Woods

Oh nice habitat Sallie...


I love the subtle reflections!

Tim Keen

I love these pictures. When I go to Florida, I love the beaches, but I also like driving back in while my family plays in the ocean and take as much of a look as at the real Florida as I can.

Tim Keen

I love these pictures. When I go to Florida, I love the beaches, but I also like driving back in while my family plays in the ocean and take as much of a look at the real Florida as I can.

Valerie, South Australia

Great captures Sallie - thanks for sharing and happy weekend.


Thank goodness it Big Cypress was preserved when it was. I love these pictures, Sallie, and will want to look at them again later. There is so much to see in the reflections and I rather like the murkiness of the water. Wonderful post.


Hi Sallie these images are so lovely to see....
You have put a big smile on my face with your last comment on my blog..it doesn't happen often so thanks for that:-)lol.
A great big hug Drew xx


Marvelous photos Sallie, - they have such a feeling of 'place' to them. The reflections are beautiful - and the critters, at a distance. Neither Oregon nor B.C. have such moody mystical places.

Joe Todd

Traffic was stopped on Sanibel Island to let an alligator cross the road. I tried toa get a photo but wasn't quick enough.. LOL


A beautiful place ! I don't know at all these trees. Here we have a tree we call "cypr├Ęs", but it is not at all this one. I'll send you a photo, when I 'd send you an e.mail. Have a nice, Sunday.


Beautiful selection of pictures !

Yes you must absolutely watch this movie "The Indian Palace" I think it's now in all countries, because we are always a little late because the film has to be translated into French.


You've some magical photos-of creatures that I've not seen in the wild!

Colin Huggins

Hi Sallie
Great wetlands scenes. That is where Ibis should be, but your immature Ibis, is totally different from the scavangers that we have here in Brisbane. I prefer the photos of the alligators! The alligators are at least not messy. ( Apologies to my mate, from West Virginia, Carletta).
Alligators, like crocodiles, just grab their victim, twirl around until their prey is dead, human or animal, then stuff what they don't want to eat immediately into a river hole, and then I guess they finish you or animal off at their leisure. Ah! The joys of nature, eh?
I think everyone should watch the nature/animal series that David Attenborough, BBC, does, they give a marvellous insight into the animal kingdom.
Great photos of "Big Cypress National Preserve", I think all the World knows of this area?
Colin ( Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: Weird!!!!, sunny early and then downfalls here and more stuff from the sky to come overnight ( 9.00pm), the Pacific Ocean has much to answer for.


So thick and lush. Never been here.


those trees are so dang cool! love the wildlife, too. :)


Looks like a great place for lots of nature viewing!
I like the first reflection shot. Love the shape of those cypress trees.
I think I've told you before, I'm not too keen on the alligators though. :)


Wonderful shots of the Big Cypress. Such rich and diverse environment and good that it's now a preserve.

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