April 26, 2012



Beautiful clouds ! If it comforts you, we are sitting and not dancing in the rain too, in Belgium !


Beautiful photos! Love those colors...


gorgeous images!! i love when it rains!!

Lavender Dreams

WOW! That last photo is spectacular!

Connie Smiley

"Finger painting on the clouds"--that's lovely, both image and words.


Such a nice sky to start your day. Your life beside the water must just be heavenly. Your picture certainly are :-) genie

Rambling Woods

Love the reflection


Beautiful sky and perfect reflection!
Wish you a wonderful day.

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - I really like that reflection shot - and the rain drops make it.

Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

Sandy Carlson (USA)

Those are beautiful shots.


I like a rainy day when I have no where to go and can stay inside and watch it rain..We are having a thunder storm right now...we need the rain always!!

Colin Huggins

Sallie at present I couldn't agree more with you. "I'm not a big fan of rainy days". Started yesterday and has got heavier and heavier. All sporting events in Brisbane and the Gold Coast cancelled! Except the "duck" races! And you would have to be a real "Quacker" to bet on them!
Pity I can't bundle it all up and send to some of your viewers who need the stuff!
Cheers form a most gloomy and wet Brisbane, Australia.


Such beautiful clouds! And your reflection is perfect. :)

Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

Reflection of clouds and rain is just stunning...really great photo...thanks for posting.


I love low clouds, it's as if you can touch heaven :)

Rita aka Cashjocky

Sallie, fabulous shots. And, I agree that the temperature of the rain makes a big difference. Here it is always like stepping into a freezer when you get rained on. Plus, rainy days here seem to go on for several days at a time.

Krystal S

Beautiful. I have never thought of the clouds here being close to rolling hills, but they truly are!


Two gorgeous shots, Sallie. A little rain will do, thanks.


the sky is great but I love that water reflection. :)

Lady Fi

Glorious shots. I do love the clarity of the sky after rain.

A wondering Star

Beautiful Skywacth!
After rain comes sunshine.

Wish you a weekend of sunshine and happiness!


Absolutely gorgeous sky!


really lovely! both shots. i was impressed w/ the clarity in the sky on the first one, but the 2nd kind of stole the show. :) and congrats on rain!


Your second picture is gorgeous, Sallie, - and the first one is lovely too. We have had twenty-four hours of rain here, - great for the gardens and the orchards but it is causing concern as the river rises.


Lovely sky! We had a sprinkling of water, enough to settle the dust and paste it to my windows. We are so dry right now every little bit helps.



Oh, that cloud reflection looks like a sea horse!

Yes, we need rain, and we had last night and today, and guess what? This weekend will be in the mid 90's and we are going back to Salton Sea. A group of crazy ladies, are urging me to lead them....

Laura Hegfield

LOVE that reflection!


Lovely sky shot, Sallie. We had rain also but not enough to help the drought we are having yet again this year.
Let it rain, but only while we are sleeping.. is my prayer.


Lovely skies, Sallie!


The skies are lovely and that reflection is simply gorgeous!!

Boom & Gary

That second shot is great!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Reader Wil

Thanks for your visit. The action of the Norwegian crowd was impressive and beautiful. Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people last year, must have heard it. He hates this song and therefore this action is the best demonstration against his way of thinking.


What a great second pic, Sallie! Send some of that rain our way - too dry in CO.


It has seemed to us it always rains in Florida or maybe it just saves the rain for our visits.


I would have to park my butt on one of the docks here someday and skywatch until sunset :)

Enjoy the rest of the week.


Sallie, that last photo evokes Monet. Beautiful.


Wonderful to see Sallie

Sylvia Kirkwood

Lovely skies and I love the reflections on the water! Wonderful captures for the day, Sallie, as always! Hope you have a great weekend with more beautiful skies! Enjoy!



Beautiful early morning views of the sky.

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