April 22, 2012



I'm a tree hugger too. Wonderful mosaic of trees for Earth Day.

Rambling Woods

That is perfect for Earth Day..I wish we hugged more and cut down less...


Happy Earth Day~ no special one, but every tree has its own charm!

Joe Todd

Great photo.. I've planted a few trees in my time LOL

Mary Howell Cromer

Very pretty mosaic...have a great week~

Rita aka Cashjocky

What a fantastic collection. I know that several of those would never be found in my part of the country. Love all those twisted trunks.


Beautiful mosaic!

Jenn Jilks

I love trees. Love the earth. Respect wildlife!


A nice way to remember Earth Day. You could recycle it for Arbor Day as well ;>)

Lady Fi

A wonderful selection of trees - nature embodied as beauty!


A beautiful selection of trees! Love all the varied colors. :)

Mama Zen

Lovely mosaic!


Sallie, these are magnificent trees, each and every one, and I could hug them all.


Beautiful mosaïc and trees ! Have a nice week, Sallie !

Red Nomad OZ

There's a FINE red tree! We've got Autumn colours now downunder - the REDS are amazing!!! But yours matches them!!

Colin Huggins

Lovely indeed, Sallie.
I think I like best the bottom left one, Georgia.
Looks like an old carriage road going into the plantation of the "Old South", very "GWTW" look - just Scarlett and Rhett missing.
Georgia was my favourite State as I have very good friends there who took me all over the state, also with other friends, of my age, from the State, in the 1970's and 80's, some hair-raising experiences especially on a certain river with rapids just close to Atlanta! Well you are only young once! ha ha.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather update:
"Pea soup" fog early this morning. Lifted and good and sunny. Now 12.30pm it is clouding over!!!! Never a dull moment in Brisbane with the weather!


This is a wonderful idea for Earth Day! I love taking pictures of trees, especially without the leaves so the structure is visible. Happy Earth Day. Linda


Trees are as different from each other as people and equally beautiful. I hugged a Ponderosa Pine today.

Sandy Carlson (USA)

These are great!


Texas has some amazing trees!


Great idea! I are all pretty...and I do love to hug trees!


Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

Wonderful mosaic for today...the Vermont picture is so familiar to me...we go up there often. The tree from Texas is somewhat exotic...great post!


What a great idea for Earth Day. The trees are all so beautiful and I do so love trees.

By the way, per your comment on mine, this is early for roses. Usually my roses start in late May and really get going in June. Just another sign of how the mild winter changed things. It hasn't been a particularly warm spring so far but we haven't had a hard freeze since the beginning of March which is another thing that accelerated everything. We've had a lot of nights that were only a few degrees above freezing but without a hard freeze to slow things down and a lot of rain, everything is growing like crazy.


Perfect for Earth Day ... trees you've met and loved! Fun!

Lavender Dreams

Beautiful for today! I'm so glad you shared your lovely photos and helped us celebrate!


love every one of these! nice!!!

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