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April 17, 2012



Ah, I learn immature does refer to young. :-)


Great captures, Sallie.


Very cool yard birds!


Commun ? I never saw such an elegant bird except maybe in a zoo, lol !


Beautiful birds, Sallie! I especially love the last shot!

Carol (artmusedog)

Awesome photos ~ very professional ~ and great post ~ most informative ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^


Wonderful photos of these graceful water birds, Sallie!


We have really stirred the pot and introduced species to places they don't naturally belong. Your ibises are beautifully adapted to the wetlands of Florida and look fantastic in your beautiful photos!


Great captures! They're pretty exotic to me.


An exotic creature to me too. I just saw ibises at the zoo : they were gorgeous with their red feathers.


These are great photos of the ibises! City girl does not see much of these in the wetlands 5 miles away from me!

Oh, but we have one coming up I forgot about it, this weekend. We will be exploring the LA River, and will be my first!


Beautiful bird and interesting to see!!


Nice captures!!!Have a great Wednesday!!!


Lady Fi

What lovely birds!

Colin Huggins

Hi Sallie
First seems that your e-mail is back on track, I sent one on the Australian Ibis and it hasn't bounced back.
Yep, they, your Florida Ibis, look great in the wetlands, where they are meant to be and obviously where they can be completely natural. Until, the invasion of them here and the Ibis had good reason, so this is for your viewers to look at if they are curious.
A very interesting blog on your wetlands, well done.
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)

Sandy Carlson (USA)

A spectacular creature!


OH how fun to watch these guys work for their supper!!

nature rambles

Beautifully captured!


Great photos. It looks like a really interesting place and of course a great place for birds.


You do have a great area for watching so many birds. I love seeing them on your blog.

NatureFootstep Birds

great shots of the young birds Sallie.


Sallie, great sighting of the Ibises. They are cool looking birds.


Great shots of the beautiful birds.
I've never seen them either.
Have a wonderful day, Sallie.

EG Wow

This is a bird I have never seen except in photos.


Lovely images Sallie.. their beautiful birds to see.
I wouldn't have had a clue they were juveniles..
I keep promising myself a Birds of the Planet book if such a title exists..
I hope all's well
Drew xx


A very interesting looking bird.


i like their mottled appearance. very cool!

Crafty Gardener

fascinating birds


These seem to be meandering along minding their own business as they search for that next morsel. It's hard to imagine them being a pest but I've heard they are. :)
Wonderful shots Sallie!

Boom & Gary

Nice captures Sallie!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Rambling Woods

really a pest...that is a shame


Wow, cool shots! Nicely done!


Hi Sallie. It's been many, many years since I first saw these during a trip to Florida ... so thanks for bringing back happy memories.


Great photos and a perfect post!
Happy WBW to you!

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