April 03, 2012


NatureFootstep memes

yes it is a green heron. And so great a sighting. I saw this bird in Costa Rica but never came this close. Great shot. :)


Lovely shots of this heron!

Sandy Carlson (USA)

Your bird is a beauty!

Rambling Woods

the green herons are known for using little sticks, leaves and things that they put on the water to attract a fish to catch..a tool using bird...

Tatjana Parkacheva

A wonderful heron.

Regards and best wishes

Lady Fi

That heron is so gorgeous! What a great close-up.


Gorgeous shot of the Green Heron, which used to be called the Green Backed Heron...I have trouble keeping up with the name changes of the birds..
Love the wayward hair style...Gambling on a boat not my idea of fun...

Carol (artmusedog)

Excellent photo of that wonderful bird and place ~thanks, namaste, ^_^


Bird-watching from a boat is way COOL. Love the Green Heron!


Haha! Sallie, that is what I would do on a gambling boat as well. I always have a book with me, my nose buried in it.

What a wonderful shot of the heron. We'll never see on like that around here.


I love herons
never seen this particular type before
I love his rock star demeanor :)

LindyLouMac in Italy

It was lovely to see your photos, especially the green heron as I have never seen one before.


It is an unusual looking bird with its short legs and a long neck but I like its scruffy hairdo.

ann nz

are they the same bird? The first has such a long neck, I also posted a bird/shag at a jetty. Not closeup like yours.


She's a pretty bird having a bad hair day, LOL! I have not seen a green one.


Nice shots of the heron.


Love that heron! Great shots!


Stretching his neck up makes it look like it's too long for the rest of him. :)
He is a lovely bird and it's pretty cool you got him with nesting material in his mouth.
I'd have no money to gamble to a book would do me just fine while I hung out with the big spenders!


Very interesting photos of the heron and I love the hairdo in the first pic!


Excellent look at a Green heron in its true colors. Awesome picture!


Lucky you, living on the water! I'd definitely be reading a book on that gambling boat. It's snowing in Denver!


Hi Sallie, cool shots and sighting of the Green heron. They are another one of my favorites. How cool to take a fast ferry to Key West. Wonderful post and I enjoyed your photos.

Larry Jordan

Great shots of the Green Heron Sallie! Unusual to see them with their necks fully extended like that for any length of time. It is probably collecting nesting material. It is that time of year!


Great shots!
I especially like the first, what a beautiful bird.
Wish you a wonderful day.


Great shots of the heron!

Colin Huggins

Wow. I don't think we have green herons here in Australia.
What a strong looking neck? The fish would have no hope!
Glad you enjoyed my Oregon trip and dramas.
Cheers and great photography.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: Just too good to be true. Looks like a great weather-wise Easter coming up this year. The beaches will be packed.


Grey shots of the heron. What a beautiful bird!

Cassie~Phoenix, Arizona

That heron is quite the cocky looking fellow!!Great pictures.

I posted more about the pulled squash sandwich on my blog. Thought you might be interested!


Gorgeous captures! I love the heron. What a beauty.


yup, great shot of the green heron. so pretty. like the egret on the boat, too. :)


So very beautiful and so different from my life on the land. Lovely! Just lovely!



So beautiful!! I didnt know that there are so many different kinds of herons. Should be great to see in real :)

Boom & Gary

Beautiful Sallie!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


it's stunning to see how tame the birds are!

EG Wow

That sure is a pretty heron!


I love the shots of the wild looking heron. Also beautiful water shots.

I wondered if you'd been to Key West. I'll check out your Key West post. One of my sisters and brother in law have a vacation house in Key West and my other sister has a condo in Key West. They both rent some when they aren't using them. Key West is the only place in FL I've been except for taking my daughter on a Disney vacation when she was a child. Since my family usually gathers at the North Carolina beaches for vacations (one sister's in laws have a great beach house in NC on the Atlantic Ocean), I don't go to Key West much but have enjoyed it when I've gone to family reunions there.


I'd love one of this species to drop into a reedbed near me.

Gambling cruise ... definitely not for me but if pushed I'd take a pair of bins for seawatching.


A wonderful heron to see Ssllie and a lovely read.
I don't think I need to ask.. as everything appears to be OK.
Hugs Drew xx

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