April 02, 2012


Sandy Carlson (USA)

I love what you did with these collages!


Beautiful bird ! I like a lot the "hairdo"... a little like mine at the moment !


Happy time ! and to travel by boat is, I suppose, a great pleasure. Just a new life !

LindyLouMac in Italy

So much more fun to travel by boat. :)

Willie Barton

Great collages for an evidently great day at the beach.


what a fun day trip. The beach was crowded for a week day. Glad you found a quiet spot. Sharing fun days with friends is tops.

Luna Miranda

traveling by boat is much more interesting for sure. wow, that's a crowded beach, very much the same with our popular beach destinations here. the quieter places are much more inviting. great photos.


Your beach is more busier than ours here, even mid week! It sure is lots of fun with friends!

Lady Fi

What a lovely get-away - and you have sun!! says she shivering in minus temps again...


Wonderful shots. This sure is a fun trip.


Better by boat.

Colin Huggins

Hi Sallie
Sure looks great weather to go cruising to a "resorty" spot.
Far less stressful than driving a car there.
The monumental facial "wooden" (?) sculpture in the bottom photo collection, is it Polynesian or Aztec?
As two commenters have written, in Sydney around the harbour, cruisers like yours are used to get to the harbourside restaurants for fantastic fish lunches and dinners. The way to go, really.
But on the beach photos the "breakers" were not in evidence?
Still I envy you, the short holiday with friends with that weather and good food would have been wonderful.
(PS: No time today for my Ibis inspection in the Brisbane CBD, they were Colin free - hope they enjoyed it? ha ha !)


I have some major beach jealousy working up.

Jeannette St G

We should take time out mid-week, but we only do when it's upter hot! Looks like fun, but the beach is busy!


What lovely photos to see as we're getting a foot of new snow!


Going someplace by boat is always more fun than driving and especially so with good friends and how nice of the community to have a foreshore trolly so you can get away from the crowds.
I remember a particularly nice harbour cruise in Sydney on a friend of our son's 1936 tug-boat with a high point of docking at the fish market for free where parking cost $6 per car. We gorged ourselves on salt& pepper shrimp cooked on the boat . . . luxury!

Red Nomad OZ

Fantastic!! ALMOST as good as being on an Aussie Island!!!


Golly that looks like fun! I would to see the ocean and to walk on that beach!

Cool post!


Birgitta - FOTO

Must have been a great day for all of you - a good way of living "carpe diem" :)
All the best Sallie!


I am quite surprised by the crowds on the beach but it appears you all had a whale of a good time while there.
Let the good times roll, I say!

My thanks for stopping by my sisters blog and leaving her your kind birthday wishes, Sallie.
Pam i am :)


Hi Saliie, what a fun day. Between the boat ride and the beach, friends and food too. Sounds like a great time. Thanks for sharing, I love seeing the beach photos.

Rambling Woods

it does look like a good time..thank you for your wonderful comments Sallie..everything I post, I am trying to learn and live by so it helps me to remember what I've read..


It looks like fun but definitely a very busy beach.


You are way toooooo kind. Each time I post one I am afraid it is going to be a bomb. But you keep me trying. 25 cents for a ride...that sounds perfect to me. I certainly qualify. You have no clue how much I miss my home in Palm Beach and the ocean a block from the house and Lake Worth a block from the house. We lived smack dab in the middle of the island. I look at your photos and drool. Keep em coming. Now I have a funny for you. Eloise’s first grade class had to make individual commercials either for a service or a product. I have posted so many pictures of her though the year, I am sharing this with my online pals. When she comes here for her Camp Baga sometimes she spends the day in bed with me with my back in spasms. We do all kinds of fun things in bed...so she knows about caring for old people. Now I have prepped you:




oh yeah, give me 'quieter places'. :)

Boom & Gary

Love those collages!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Looks like a good time at the beach! Fun shots!


Now I see there's more than one advantage to having a boat. I never thought about this one. Sure looks like lots of fun.


That beach looks rather crowded for this time of year. We visited Fort Myers many years ago. I remember the insects and the humidity but that was in July.


Looks like a beautiful and fun beach to visit.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Looks like everyone had a lovely time! How great to have friends to share the fun and the beauty with! So sunny and beautiful, Sallie, and delightful captures! Enjoy your weather!!



Lovely-and nice to see another photo of you both! Today we are shivering in the cold again!


Everything is great when you have good friends with you. Looks like a fun afternoon.

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