May 31, 2012



Fogs can be so mysterious, can't they? Of course, they can also be quite dangerous. What a nice montage, Sallie.


A mysterious morning ! I like and don't like fog... Here, I just saw fog one morning in the year, but in my parents'home, fog is present all the year long.

Rita aka Cashjocky

Afraid fog is a regular occurrence when you live in the bottoms along a river. But, I will admit that some fogs are a whole lot more photogenic than others. I like seeing the foggy mist over the river but having to drive the roads in the bottoms is another story.


Fog can be so eerily beautiful, or a pain if you Have to drive some where. I see it so rarely and you've captured it well.


You certainly made the most out of the fog! Very nice finds.

Rambling Woods

Beautiful collage....


Hi Sallie, I like your perspective in this post. I'll bet all that fog made you feel homesick for Oregon. It looks so beautiful through the eyes of your camera.


I love foggy mornings, we get them here sometimes. But I prefer sunshine, which we get in abundance here in Colorado. Wonderful shots, you capture that foggy mystery very well.


Foggy mornings can be great for photographers. Your shots have so much atmosphere and mystery. And a change in skies is good every once in awhile! :)


ooohhhh but that fog made for some beautiful pictures!!!


What beautiful captures, lovely collage.


so cool to get something unexpected. :)

Carol Carson

Your post makes me realize how rarely I see fog here in Vancouver. When I lived in Nova Scotia, it was a regular visitor. Your composite is really lovely!


Realmente bastante neblina. Gos tei da maneira como vocĂȘ montou as fotos.


Great shots. I am greeting


Beautiful and mysterious, great shots.
Your shots of the night blooming cactus are awesome, I've never seen anything like it before.
Wish you a wonderful weekend, Sallie.


I love it when the fog lies low along the river, - it's not a constant thing, so it's like a little gift when you wake up to a foggy morning.


That's exactly the kind of fog I like - here today, gone tomorrow. I love the misty photos.

Colin Huggins

I am sorry I have no love of fogs. Reminds me of "old London town" and Jack, the Ripper stories!
Only been once to London, in the 1970's, one week in the
so-called middle of summer, fogs in the morning and then drizzle rain. Miserable is the nicest word that I can use. I couldn't get out of that place fast enough to Boston, USA. Even that was delayed at Heathrow, courtesy of Elizabeth Taylor, then married to Richard Burton and their "private" jet! Liz, Richard and the pilot paid heavily for their unexpected landing, delaying my Pan-Am B747 to sit on the runway for 2 hours for another slot for take-off.
In PNG, in the highlands, the clouds would come down, similar to fogs, no transportation in or out, and no food supplies or any mail, so no contact with the outside World. Plus no phones and limited radio broadcasts! This situation could go on for a couple of weeks!
Nope, I have no love of fogs, whatsoever. Thanks for the memories - ha ha ( I think???? - nightmares might be more appropriate!)
Colin (Brisbane.Australia).
Weather report: Miserable, raining on and off. As if we need any more bloody rain!


I would love to have one of those night blooming cactus! Beautiful! Terry and I went to Grand Junction to look at RV's someday we just might decide to rent out the farm...one never knows



Oh wow, yup I never really know what it means also... never experienced this one yet. :D


Great shots..:-)


Your foggy morning is very beautiful. I've always loved fog and been in all kinds from cold fog to warm fog.


Sallie, I enjoy a foggy morning. Wonderful captures.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Foggy mornings are filled with mystery!


It seems strange to have fog this time of year. Here, as in Oregon, it is a winter phenomenon.

Sylvia Kirkwood

I love your captures for the day, Sallie! Marvelous, mysterious foggy views! Happy SWF! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Gemma Wiseman

Love this picture pile of foggy views with one burst of light! Delightful!

Boom & Gary

Really like those photos of the fog!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Even though foggy, it is beautiful.

Laura Hegfield

beautiful and mysterious!

Pearl Maple

fog adds an interesting touch to the views, have a great weekend and thanks for sharing your foggy photos with SWF

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