May 29, 2012


Clair Z.

I always admire your bird photography. I wish I could do half as well.

soho stitch

What a brilliant and thoughtful perspective. i will be trying to get a closer look at bird's eyes from now on. :)


Excellent series...

Andrea @From The Sol

You are right, the eyes say it all. One of my favorites it the dark red eye of the adult Copper's Hawk. Owl eyes are another story. Not so easy to get pictures of, but they are amazing. Loved the series ...

Andrea @ From The Sol


Difficult exercise to see bird eyes. I like animals eyes ! Beautiful cats' ones. Funny goat'eyes....

Mickie Brown

Great captures of some beautiful birds, Sallie. Are you headed back up to Oregon or elsewhere? Wherever you are going, have a safe trip. We'll all look forward to posts along the way. Mickie :)


"Eyes are windows to the soul" is a saying I have always believed. It holds true for our animal kingdom also.
Love this insightful post Sallie!

Rainfield (雨田)

The most beautiful part of all animals is their eyes, and it is where we point our camera at.

Stewart M - Australia

I think the eyes are often the key to a picture - if the eyes look alive the whole picture lifts.

Cheers - Stewart M


Whhat a beautiful and interesting post. Your birds and their eyes I will not fotget


You just finished all your renos and are leaving for the road again? Back to Oregon? Lots of different birds here to enjoy. I like how you've tied your bird story together with their eyes. You know a heck of a lot more about birds in your world than I know about any birds anywhere.

Rita aka Cashjocky

I learn something new every time i visit your site, Sallie. Your post will have me checking out all the birds eyes from now on.

Have a safe and enjoyable journey to your summer home.


What stunning captures of the lovely feathered ones.


Thanks for the info you provided on these lovely birds! I identify some of ours by their eyes, too.


I really enjoy seeing the birds you post here and this is an interesting take. I think birds' eyes do make identification easier. Sounds like you are about ready to head out.


Beautiful photos and loved the observations. I spied my first anhinga a few weeks ago and boy was I happy. Enjoyed your post very much.

Rambling Woods

Great birdy photos Sallie...I always try to look at a bird's eye as sometimes I feel they are really looking at me.. have a safe trip back....Michelle


Great shots, and I love how you've drawn the viewers' attention to their unique eyes.


bird eyes freak me out
they always seem so dark and cold to me
it took me a long time to get to like birds
now I'm in love with their grace and antics

wonderful photos

Hope and those cats send hugs


A wonderful wrap up of Florida's birds. The shots of the osprey and hawk are wonderful shots.
Here's hoping you'll give us a look at Oregon's birds when you get there and any you might find along the way.


Sallie....I read your note on Lesley’s blog. You have seen so many wonderful places and things this year. Please be careful and get home safely. Don’t let any of those pesky M?????????S accompwny you. Wish my daddy had not sold our home in Palm Beach...it would be dreamy to go there in the winter and the summers here in VA. Take care and be safe. genie

OldOldLady Of The Hills

Such great pictures of all these different and wonderful Birds....I really enjoyed thgis post, more than I can say...!

And...Thanks for coming by my blog and for your lovely comment....A couple of years ago, I followed a Hawk Family from tiny little chicks to full grown--Fly Away...And documented quite a bit if it on my blog....Your Hawk picture is STUNNING, as are all the others!


What a great post. I find eyes fascinating in birds. I know better than assigning human qualities to non human animals. I know a few humans that have less human qualities than some animals seem to (did I just say that). Cheers, Carver


Great series of birds, Sallie. The Osprey and hawk are cool and the heron is beautiful. The Pelicans are another one of my favorites. Wonderful post!

EG Wow

When I photograph birds, I'm rarely happy unless I can see their eyes.

Adam Jones

Very nice set of pictures


LOL - prettier post indeed!!


A very interesting and thoughtful post Sallie and yes, perhaps we neglect looking at bird's eyes as they they might tell us a lot about their mood - just like a human being's.


A beautiful series of raptors, gulls, heron, pelican and anhinga captures. Nicely done!
Sallie, I wish you two a happy and safe journey to the real west coast.


Great photos and a very interesting post. I am greeting


Stunning photos, and I love the shelter hawk"
Every good wish for your summer trip.


A great post. It is amazing what you can see in their eyes. I often feel the raptures look a bit mean and menacing while I love the big wide eyed pelican eyes with the bright yellow ring. You have the best life chasing the good weather. We've just arrived home from a Californian Spring to a Queensland Autumn which has rushed into winter early but it is still not as cold as San Francisco in Spring. Take care on our journey north.

A wondering Star

Amazing pictures!
Last time I photographed a woodpecker made ​​eyes so deep an impression on me!

Thanks for sharing


Wow, what a great series of images. I will now always look closely at the eyes of the birds I see.

Have a safe journey.


the eyes have it .... but you cant beat the glare of a raptors eye, menacing! and they mean it.

If you get time please look up Chestnut Capped Laughing Thrush and take a look at those eyes.


NatureFootstep travel blog

what a great psot, chosing the eye as a subject. Love what you did. :)


Great shots!Thanks for sharing and have a great day.



Wow, these are gorgeous! Beautiful shots!


Great photos and a very interesting post.


Pretty guy!!!

Sandy Carlson (USA)

Some of my favorite dudes are here. I am so glad to see these portraits. The eyes are amazing. Pelicans. Their faces seem to laugh at us gently to ask, "When will you evolve enough to be able to do this?" They have it all over us.


WOW it seems like you just arrived! THis is a great set of bird photos....I love to see the eyes too and use eye marks as a way of ID'ing birds too, along with other things too of course. Can you believe the summer tropicals have started already!!


you picked a great title for this wonderful story and some beautiful images!!

i always thought of the white ring on the laughing gulls as "eye liner"....they are my favorite gull because their white is so white and they seem to have a fun personality!!


i think that hawk has closed his nictitating membrane just as you snapped his photo. :)

i always have to get the eye right on my drawings or the whole thing doesn't work. :)

Colin Huggins

Hi Sallie
Really wonderful photos of the birds of Florida and the Everglades.
The photo of the hawk is incredible. That eye!
I often marvel at how members of the hawk/eagle/osprey family can see their prey from so far away.
I guess the expression of "he/she has hawkeyes" or "Joe has the eyes of a hawk" comes from people's ability to see things so quickly??
Where on earth are you going for summer?
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: Hmmmmm! Looks like it can't at present (8.30am Wednesday 30th) decide what it is going to do. So I guess an umbrella will be needed.

Boom & Gary

Great series, Sallie!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

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