May 22, 2012


Lillian Blessing

We have Wood Storks in our rookery who are very hungry right now because of Debby. Some are "crying" making a lot of noise to their parents. . I have no idea what if anything I can do to feed them.

Lillian Blessing
Somerset Rookery and Bird Sanctuary
Lakeland Florida


Beautiful pictures of wood storks. Are they still endangered?

Lavender Dreams

These birds are so majestic! Thanks for sharing the info, too!


ah ha! A bird I have seen.

Lovely post Sallie


Well I think they are lovely. Let's hope we put our smart hats on and start remembering the environment.


what magnificent birds! Let's hope they get the protection they need and aren't pushed off the endangered list because people misunderstand their behaviour


Wow, those storks look huge. What an amazing site to see. Lovely photos.


Love the storks and the frilly tree. Are these the ones that deliver babies?


What great photos, Salllie. Another bird I don't know and hope their population increases. It's such a shame what we've done to our native habitats.


Great photos of the storks. Sorry to hear their habitat is slowly disappearing.


I do hope their population will pick up,and the necessary action will be taken to make sure it does,magnificent birds!


Amazing photos. Interesting info. I am greeting

nature rambles

Nice captures! It's interesting to read all the info on the foraging and the breeding.


Very cool..:-)


Nice pictures ! The most storks I have ever seen in my whole life was in a park in Morocco ! there were hundreds just amazing.


Better to leave these beauties on the endangered list.


I just love storks.Thanks for sharing!Have a great day.



Well Sallie, the ongoing effort to restore a healthy population of breeding storks would be a sign that the human population might regain its percentage of new births, - if you are inclined to believe that storks have this responsibility to deliver....

Great pictures


Sallie, It is great that you are able to great pictures of this cool bird...but I am sad that they are still on the "List".:(
When will this loss of habitat issue end???

Lady Fi

I'm hoping for a full recovery and a huge flock of these birds in the future.

What a great sight - love that first shot!

guild-rez - Canada

Great pictures!!
Thank you for your visit and comment about my raccoon post.


Great photos but its not good to hear of another piece of habitat that has been damaged so badly and another bird that is in danger.


I have always wanted to see a real live stork! "Could they really carry a brand new baby?" I use to wonder as I was growing up. Thank you so much...this was a wonderful post!



Fantastic shots of the storks. They are so unusual looking.


i had the pleasure of having one of these strange wood storks visit here one winter. it stayed around for a day or two and i could hardly believe it.

Rambling Woods

We are always in such a hurry to remove things from the endangered list..you have to wonder who has the influence to get that done and why do they want it done. Great photos Sallie...Michelle


Storks in tree.

Bloggers in blogosphere.


Nice post! Perfect for WBW!


I guess they aren't as heavy as they look. The tree doesn't seem overburdened with so many topping its branches.
Lets hope the efforts pay off for the species and for the Everglades.
Lovely post Sallie!


Fantastic captures, Sallie. Love the balancing on the tree top.

Colin Huggins

Great shots. Glad you identified them as storks, they look very much like the "scavanging feral Ibis" of Brisbane.
However, I think storks are much larger???? Come to think of it, I don't think I have ever seen a stork in Brisbane, down south yes and certainly in the Lake Eyre area in the centre which is now an inland sea, thanks to all the flooding.
Seems like government authorities are preserving your Florida Everglades from "developers". That is great to know.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: 7.30am Wednesday 23rd. Looks like another fine, sunny day but rain expected from tonight until Friday.
Canberra: Well exceedingly hot due to political Hot AIR and mayhem and shenanigans - serves them right - ha ha!


The woods storks are very cool looking birds, Sallie! What a great sight to see. Wonderful photos, have a great day.


Wow, that is interesting. I'd of thought the population was ok but the backstory shows that there is still quite a problem with their habitat.

Sally in WA

Those are neat birds, Sallie. Yes to your question on my blog...I've started a new blog. The old one was the Chicken Dance Ranch. I'll be near Cape Canaveral again next week and hope to see some birds while I am there.


Great shots of these birds, Sallie. We have these in Melbourne too and they sometimes even visit the pond in our garden.


Amazing photos, especially the top one! Interesting info-I hope they have a good year.


I had my last baby in Tampa, and visitors told me that there were actually storks in the retention pond outside! (This lead to two of my older kids being told tall tales as to where the baby had come from...)

You got some great photos here! I hope that they don't de-list them :(


Great shots! Storks are one of the species we don't get to see here.

Boom & Gary

Great captures of something I'm not going to see!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

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