May 24, 2012



Lovely captures, Sallie!

Thank you for your continuing participation in Floral Friday Fotos.


This is one of the few flowers I know something about. Out here, they are called Plumeria. We have one outside that looks EXACTLY like the one in your photos. When I smell one, I am immediately transported to Hawaii. They grow EVERYWHERE there!


What gorgeous and classic looking captures of the flowers.


OH! HOW I WISH I COULD WALK THERE IS SMELL THE FLOWERS! We are so dry and hot I just know they would Not grow here, but I wish they would...beautiful!


Rainfield (雨田)

Looking at your fantastic pictures, I have no doubt to say that flowers are broader than sky.

ann nz

This is nice and soft, The ones I see in Singapore are completely yellow. I feature this a few times.

Colin Huggins

Hi Penny: Comment at/on May 26, 2012 at 10:30 AM

With the frangipani, you don't have to get close up to enjoy the fragrance, when in full bloom on a tree, you can sniff the fragrance from virtually the other side of the street.
The various colours that the trees produce are incredible, the tinged red/orange is magnificent. Ask Sallie to send you my report. ha ha! They have other, shall we say, "strange virtues".
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: 12.30pm Sunday 27th. Magnificent day but only 6 celsius early and that according to me is North Pole weather.
To all US commentators, have a wonderful Memorial day of respect to the "fallen".

Sandy Carlson (USA)

Wonderful photos. Absolutely stellar. Thank you!


I envy you all the tropical plants that are so profuse in Florida. This is one I do not know, but am sure we would be great friend my my nose it in all the time gathering the scent, Sallie.


that is one of the prettiest shades of yellow I have ever seen

Lindy MacDuff

I love tropical flowers; so pretty!

A wondering Star

What a wonderful flower! The first picture is so soft and beautiful.
Thanks for sharing


The photos look wonderful too!

Lavender Dreams

This is a plant I've seen in Fl but didn't know the name of! How beautiful!

Mickie Brown

Sallie, What a beautiful flower--it just looks like it smells good! Your weather sounds like "Kansas weather"--it flip-flops moment by moment. Have a wonderful weekend. Mickie :)


Cool plant great shots..:-)

Stewart M - Australia

Saw these flowers growing on Magnetic Island - they really are great.

Cheers - Stewart M


I only know the word, frangipani, - have never seen the flower, but even the word sounds exotic. I love fragrance in flowers - planted some nicotiana but don't see it coming up yetl, alas....


Beautiful flowers. I know their scent and can smell them from here! :)


Wonderful shot of the frangipani against the sky. I can smell it from looking at your shot.


The flowers are gorgeous and what a pretty blue sky! Looks like a wonderful day!

Martha Z

That makes me think of Hawaii!
Yes, indeed, that was our Roadtrek. We wanted to stake out our spot early so we figured we needed to bring our house with us.

Mama Zen

What a beautiful flower!


Such a gorgeous flower and a perfect shot.
Have a terrific weekend, Sallie.


It does here too... from sunny blue to cloudy grey skies. I'm loving the flower photos


Beautiful yellow and white against the blue sky!
Such delicately shaped petals.


Love your shots.
Have a great weekend :)

Dina J

Beautiful shots of the flower! My mom loved frangipanni. It was her favorite. Tied with dogwoods.


Looking at your wonderful shot, I think I smelled the delicious fragance ! I try to do my own (very little) Fragance Garden here : Roses and various herbs : a great pleasure.


Frangipanni thrive in hot climate, they are so commonly found here in Asia.


Such a beautiful flower.

Lady Fi

Glorious shots. The frangipani bring back perfumed memories of when I lived in Fiji.

Rambling Woods

These are just beautiful Sallie...Great photos...Michelle

guild-rez - Canada

Wonderful pictures!!
I wish I could pick some...

J Bar

Lovely post.


Beautiful shots of flowers, very special.


I would love to smell the fragrance of that frangipani flower - also because one of my favorite authors has the same name! Have a great weekend, Sallie:)


love those petals. :)


One of my favorite flowers ever! I love how you captured the first shot with that blue, blue sky in the background - excellent!!


I second Colin's thought about the fragrance!
Your first shot is perfectly exposed...beautiful!


So that is what frangipani looks like!!! I love the first capture, with the full blossoms against the blue sky!

Colin Huggins

Beautiful shot of the frangipani, pity the scent can't accompany the photo.
They grow here in proliferous proportions. My street is full of them and the scent/perfume really is strong. And they are of many colours. In Papua New Guinea, you could break off a branch and replant it and darn near watch the thing start growing before your eyes.
They are native to your area and Central America as you state.
Strangely they do grow in colder climes as they grow in New Zealand!
They are a member of the "Plumeria" family.
On a visit to Guam ( you can mark this place off your "wish list), I stayed at the Hotel Plumeria - the name at that time meant nothing to me. I can assure you that this establishment had none of the beauty that the name would suggest - ha ha!
Colin ( Brisbane.Australia)
Weather report: Umbrella weather! Miserable drizzle.
PS: Caen and Ranville (Rainville),Normandy are on the G & G agenda. Overnight e-mail.

Carol Carson

Lovely shot with just enough sky to help us feel the weather change.

Sylvia Kirkwood

I do love the frangipani! And such lovely skies, Sallie! Delightful captures for the day! Happy SWF! have a wonderful weekend!

Gemma Wiseman

Exquisite frangipani! Adore the bright light, touch of shadow and radiant blue sky in the first photo!

Boom & Gary

Beautiful!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

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