May 17, 2012



Gumbo Limbo. I never heard of it before, but it is a magnificent.


I'm way behind in blog hopping. My body has been complaining about the time I spend on the computer so I have cut back.
It looks like you've been exploring the Everglades, something I wish we had done more of on our trips to Florida.
The new deck and Florida room are lovely, I know you will enjoy them.
Will you drive the Roadtrek back to Oregon or leave it in Florida?


Wonderful shots
What a fantastic tree, love it.
I have to try and say the name.
Thanks for sharing.
Wish you a wonderful day, Sallie


Beautiful photographs, fantastic trees. I am greeting

Rita aka Cashjocky

Lovely captures again today. You keep adding to my list of first. First time seeing this thee but also my first time hearing the name as well.


I like a lot the name of this bird : tourist tree ; poor people !


I tried saying Gumbo Limbo 3 times fast. Impossible. Are you on the move yet? I've been away.


Never heard of that tree before. Interesting name. Love you previous of the water lilies.


that made me chuckle for sure, its a pretty tree, and I kinda like saying it to Gumbo Limbo...it has a nice ring to it!


Love the wavy branches! Very cool.


What an awesome tree and lovely skies. Beautiful shots!

Sandy Carlson (USA)

So very pretty. I like that tree a lot.

Rambling Woods

It is fun to say that..cool looking tree Sallie...Michelle


Sallie, I love the name Gumbo-Limbo (we have a park by that name) and the smooth rusty color of the peeling bark.
Beautiful shot, my friend.


These are both fantastic shots. They look like paintings. Happy Weekend!


The info certainly adds to the lovely photos.


I used to live in FLorida, but I've never heard of this tree! I love the name of it too... very funny to say. :)
Have a nice weekend!!!


I too like to say Gumbo Limbo. What a cool tree!


LindyLouMac in Italy

I like trees with character and this one certainly has plenty.

Krystal S

I still love to say Gumbo Limbo. The trees and the story behind the name are interesting for sure.

Rainfield (雨田)

Oh ya, trees that have been sun burned.

Beyond Wandering

I love the interpretation of the meaning from Gumbo Limbo tourist tree..and it's fun!

Stewart M - Australia

Sun-burn tree! I like that.

Nice looking tree - Stewart M.

PS: thanks for the vists to both blogs.

Hootin' Anni

Neat...I've not seen any of these before. And the comparison to tourist and their peeling sunburned skin to the bark of the tree is funny....I like it!!!


Is that a pheasant I see in the gumbo limbo tree? Have not heard of this tree, but it makes me think of the arbutus tree in BC.


Never seen such a tree, so I must be a tourist, lol !


Wonderful shots of tree against the blue sky.

Lady Fi

What a great-looking tree! Love the bird nesting in its branches.


Gumbo Limbo is more fun to say than type. I like the way it divides into multiple trunks and wavy branches. Reminds me of the manzanita, on steroids. Nice roost for the vulture.


Love the name of the tree. The smooth bark is interesting.


You do have the most interesting information. I've never, ever heard of this, and I thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Magical Mystical Teacher

I like quirky names, and "gumbo limbo" is just delicious on my tongue!


Hi Sallie, it is a lovely tree. The red bark is pretty. Looks like you capture of a Black Vulture perched in the tree too. Great shots.


Neat tree and it is fun to say.

Lavender Dreams

How interesting! I never knew what these trees were! You learn something new every day!


I like the bark, because it IS peeling:) Glad I had brothers, so I could climb trees too, lol!

Clair Z.

I'm going to be singing a little gumbo limbo song for the rest of the day!


learned a few things here! gumbo limbo. tourist! ha!


Ha! This made me smile and I had to say "Gumbo Limbo" out loud! Your photo almost reminds me of an African landscape, Sallie...

Colin Huggins

Hi Sallie
Well unlike Carletta, I am picturing of much, much younger days of climbing the tree. Looks a great tree for kids to climb, that's if kids are allowed to do that anymore?
Also looks like a great tree for having in the chook yard for the chooks to roost in, our chooks on the property always preferred roosting in trees rather than their shed.
The Brisbane city council a couple of years, maybe less, planted two in the street just next to my place. I was told we call them Leopard trees, but I suspect that in a "nick name".
Curiousity got me again, so I did the wikipedia. They are native to your Florida, the Carribean and the tropical areas of South America. Nothing about growing in Australia????
They also grow VERY fast. So I guess that is why the two trees in my street are getting bigger so fast. Furthermore, as Brisbane has a similar climate to Florida, I suppose they "could" have been imported.
Very interesting indeed, Sallie.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: Same as yesterday and for the last week. Just hope it stays this way until October and doesn't get colder!

Sylvia Kirkwood

Beautiful Gumbo Limbo tree, lovely skies, and apparently a very happy bird!! Terrific shot for the day Sallie! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Love the name!
This looks like a lovely area.
I'm picturing a picnic under the tree. :)

Boom & Gary

It is quite hard to say!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Jottings From Jersey

What is sitting in the tree?

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