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May 21, 2012



What a beautiful bird, Sallie! You caught him perfectly!



There are times like that in our world. The picture is beautiful !


I like the quote and your so beautiful shot. It needs patience too, I suppose !

Rambling Woods

You captured the color and stance perfectly Sallie...Michelle


Beautiful shot Sallie!
Some evenings I'd love dinner to come to me so I didn't have to fix it. :)


Great blue herons are not only beautiful, they are patient and stand still long enough to capture stunning photos such as your, Sallie.


What a beautiful capture of nature's loveliness...so regal looking.


Oh, a fabulous capture!

Stewart M - Australia

But would you want to wait for your dinner with your feet in the water!

Very nice picture.

Stewart M - Australia

Colin Huggins

Lady Fi
I gather you live in Stockholm? You have a beautiful blog.
I love this entry here on Sallie's blog - "patience is something I'm still working on"!!!!!
I hope you succeed, just add onto it, "a virtue I must strive to attain" and one hundred lines! Terrible Physical Education teacher, or should I say physical "torturer", yep that's far better. I think I might tonight sleep better having got this out of my system of over 50 years plus ago.
Yep that delightful heron and I do not have anything in remotely in common - ha ha.
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)


Beautiful-you've captured the heron's elegance perfectly!


Love the picture and the post, the various elements in nature teach us so much about the beauty that is hidden in the virtue of patience.

Lady Fi

Ah yes, patience is something I'm still working on.

This is a wonderful shot.

Colin Huggins

OMG - nightmares: "patience is a virtue"!
When at boarding college, all boarders 700 of us, at Hunter's Hill, Sydney late 1950's. We were subjected to this horrible man, the Physical Education "monster". If you were seen to be not doing your jumps, squats and God only knows what else, he would call you forward. Take your name, and deliver an edict. 100 lines to be delivered to the Master of Discipline - "Patience is a virtue, a virtue I must strive to attain".
For the record, it does not fit onto one line!
Here is the college for viewers to see.

At this college you lived by bells and the clock, so finding time to do this 'punishment' was a problem, but by 8.00pm, it was to be handed in!
Wonderful college, pity about the Physical Education Instructor. I think your wonderful heron is a very lucky bird to enjoy the Florida everglades in peace - ha ha.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: Magnificent here but rain towards the end of the week.
Canberra: The Federal Capital a la Washington, DC. - a hot bed of hells fire in the parliament!

Sylvia Kirkwood

Oh, what a beauty!! I love the heron and what a terrific capture, Sallie!! Patience is always rewarded!! Hope your week is off to a great start!!


Oh, my. I got so excited as this beauty appeared on the computer screen. I can only imagine your thrill at capturing it, Sallie. Worth the wait.

Krystal S

I am so partial to herons so I adore this shot! I think it might be a good idea for me to have to stand and wait for my food sometimes, lol.

Lavender Dreams

This heron is the most beautiful shade of blue! That's one of the highlights of being near the water...all of the magnificent birds! Enjoy your week!


I am jealous of that shot. It is absolutely perfect.


Sallie, I guess patience is the best policy, but when I'm hungry, I'm more grouchy than patient! Nice heron pic.


Lovely shot of the heron, Sallie! They are very patient birds. Thanks for sharing, have a great week!


gorgeous! is that a tri-color or a little blue? beautiful, either way!


What a gorgeous capture, Sallie!

PS: LOL about the Melbourne artist of the mural coming up to your part of the world. Sure something could be arranged if the price is right :-)

Boom & Gary

A real beauty!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

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