May 09, 2012


soho stitch

Looks like a fascinating place. Pity it is being treated the way it is. We have several big issues similar to this in australia with several of our arterial water systems. I often wonder what future generations will get to see when i can see such dramatic changes just in my lifetime.

Rita aka Cashjocky

Wonder photos. The first one looks like a painting. I so enjoy reading about your adventures. I have to get my fill of travel vicariously and your post always make me feel as if I am there.


Great post, love your photos.
I've never seen a gator in nature and I think I prefer to see them on your photos. They are so scary.


We don't need to manage nature as it manages quite well on its own. If we'd just stop messing it. Good post and reminder.


Great post for nature notes and I do so love seeing the everglades through your camera.


Sallie, the Everglades should be an eye opener. I have heard about the water problems there, thanks for sharing. Wonderful photos, the gator is cool.


hm, that river must have been man made. Everglads...the name makes one think of scary stories. :) Yet it seems nice and calm. But I think the place has many faces. :)


i just love that top shot. and gators are always cool to see (from my laptop screen!) :)

Rambling Woods

I had read there is concern about the Everglades from non-native species and how hard is that to address..I like planet water..it does make sense...Michelle


Thank you for sharing this, Sallie. A reminder of how fragile our ecosystems are and an appreciation for our National Park System.

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