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May 23, 2012


Michael Rainville

I recently went to a small village in Normandy called Touque. It is where my family left in 1655 to go to New France (Canada). Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. My last name is Rainville!


I had a grandfather who was born in Hammersmith and we visited the library there and in Twickenham researching genealogy. Didn't see Rainville Road though - my mother lived on Luther Road in Teddington.


Very interesting post. When I saw your name at the first time I thought it was a French one. I just have a look on genealogical French sites : several villages have "Rainville" for name : one on east part of France (Lorraine) one in west part (Normandie). A few people too have Rainville for name.

Rambling Woods

I would love to know why as I am working on our family history...Michelle

Geoff Rainville

I forgot about Rainville Road when we were in London. Oh well,a good excuse to return.

Did you know there is also one in Tarpon Springs? I think that's just a bit north of where you live now. It's possible that the road signs there might be a bit easier to steal (hint).

Reader Wil

Interesting! Some signs are very intriguing! Thanks for your visit and comment.

Hootin' Anni

Amazing....that's just amazing to have the name like that. Oh and I skimmed through your blog posts, and LOVE the wood storks and the sweet, sweet looking heron. Awesome blog you've got going here.


That is really exciting in a way that only one with an unusual name can appreciate!

Rita aka Cashjocky

How exciting this adventure must have been. The Old Salt is always talking about going to visit a town in England that bares our name. He believes it is where is family is descended from.

To walk in a land so old and be able to know that your forebears may have walk that same path. How wonderful.


I am so happy to go back to London on June 11, we booked for the musical "Ghost" combined with a hotel stay. The Eurostar train just arrives in St. Pancras besides King's Cross station.


I so enjoy your posts! Everyday I come here I learn something new and original! Thank you so much for posting!!!


Lady Fi

What a great find. I love unusual names.


I find it so interesting that you were able to visit this street and it does make it more so since your name isn't Smith or Jones etc.

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - street names are fun like that!

Here is a story about my family name:

My family name is Monckton. My mum and dad spent the first night of their honeymoon in a hotel in a village called "Monkton Combe". When they signed in as Mr and Mrs Monckton, the person on reception looked my dad up and down, looked at mum who was 15 years younger than my father, winked and said "That’s not very original sir!". I would love to know what he said in return, but he never would say!

Cheers - Stewart M - Australia


How interesting! Great to get a photo of the sign. :)

J Bar

Great signs.

Lindy MacDuff

How cool is that?! I like your photo collage.

Luna Miranda

what a cool find! i hope to visit the cities in Spain where my last name come from.:p


pretty cool to find the family surname! :)


Looking at how meaningful your trip to London was, you just have to travel more, Sallie!! It's addicting isn't it? To find your name is another country is mind blowing!


I love the photo collage on brick
really stands out

how cool that your road runs near the river :)


How awesome to have a street named after you :)


You and Bill must have been pleasantly surprised to see your name on a street sign so far form home.
My nephew lives on East Street which I thought was pretty cool too.


Very cool, I've been lucky to have been to Prescott Arizona, Prescott Arkansas and Prescott Iowa..:-))


It's always cool to find "your" sign. I've found a tavern named for my family in London. You can bet I got a picture of it. :)


We found a rode named after our last name; turns out Jim's cousin started the sub-division. So I guess that doesn't count! Yours is a much cooler story!!

Colin Huggins

Hi Sallie and Bill

Where there is wikipedia there is a way.
Here is the cemetery that your son refers to:


My brother and his wife presently touring ruins in Sicily will after they complete Italy, and then magnificent Salzburg in Austria are headed for Paris and then the French Provences and will be doing a final hired car trip before returning home (Gold Coast. Australia) of the Normandy WW2 battlefields and cemeteries. I shall e-mail them and see if this one can to be added.
A very interesting post indeed.
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)


Always a surprise to find one's surname emblazoned in public streets like that, Sallie. Nice captures.


very interesting. what a nice find. you'll always remember this street.


What a great treat to find a street with your name! There is a Patricia Ave here and it always gives me a lift when I go by.

Gemma Wiseman

An interesting way to trace family history via a road sign! Amazing that you found this!


whew, what a relief that your road has stood up well. it would be a little sad to be associated with something seedy. interesting, but sad.

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