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May 15, 2012


Hilke Breder

Sallie, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your Skimmer shots, shows off that huge colorful beak to great advantage. It was only luck that I saw a small flock "skimming". I just happened to look up; they went by so fast! Have a wonderful summer!


I never saw so a strange bird !


That is some beak, wow!


What an amazing beak!


I never have my bird books with me either, Sallie, but usually, like you, have my camera nearby, which helps in identification. What a beautiful bird. It would be wondrous to see it skimming the surface of the water.

LindyLouMac in Italy

Goodness me you are right what an odd looking mixture of features he has, very interesting.
Thankyou also for your continuing support of my blogs much appreciated Sallie.


What a strange looking bird. I've never seen any like that before. cool


Love that bird! So unique and your photos are really nice! I'd like to see a skimmer one day.


What a strange bird ! have never seen one like this!


Wow what a interesting bird!! great captures! :)


The bill on that bird is Wonderful. Thanks for coming by with nice thoughts and well wishes.


What an incredible beak!!! It looks so heavy, I wonder how he can balance the weight.

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - ever since I saw one of those birds on the TV I have wanted to see one! I think I would have to be stopped from jumping up and down if I saw a real one!

(See, If I jump up and down when I see new birds, I can’t really be acting my age now can I!)

Stewart M


Excellent post Sallie. I agree the skimmer is a fascinating bird and beautiful too!


I am glad to read that the bird was actually only 'resting' and not poisoned as you had thought... I have never seen a bird where I could not figure out the eyes! Fascinating!

Its indeed amazing Sallie how you spot all these different bird families and bring out so much information on them for all of us. I always learn something new with each new post of yours and I so love it. Thanks for sharing :)


Great photos of a very interesting bird.


A very different bird indeed. Nice shot.Thanks for sharing!Have a great day!



Now that is an unusual bird. And the laying down part would have had me concerned.


Fascinating, Florida has the coolest water birds, good thing you did'nt find any of the invasive super pythons that live in the glades now..:-)


WOW! I've (of course) never seen one so this was great for me.

Thanks, to Colin for the wikipedia link.



The Black Skimmers are great birds, Saliie. Wonderful sighting and photos.

Colin Huggins

Wow! That sure is a weird, but attractive type of bird.
Like, my mate, Carletta, I couldn't find an eye either. So out with a magnifying glass and I think in photo #2, there is a white eye above the red beak and just below the black crown.
Great to learn that it is not a foreign bird or an "escapee", like that wretched Indian Mynah of a previous blog.
By the size of that beak this bird could actually take on the Indian Mynah, lets hope so!!!!
Again my curiosity got the best of me.
Great photos of it and it SURE AIN'T FOREIGN to your region.
Fantastic blog entry, Sallie.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: Fine, sunny and cloudless. Temp: 12 degrees celsius (7.30am Wednesday 16th May)

Reader Wil

Now that's a real interesting and beautiful bird. I've never seen it before. Thanks for sharing!
Have a great week.


I have to agree it is strange looking!
I kept looking at the image before I read what you wrote.
I couldn't see an eye and then I kept looking at the beak because it looks like a fake beak perhaps over the regular beak.
I'm glad he/she is a 'normal' bird for your area. :)

Boom & Gary

Wow, he's really neat!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


they really are cool looking! and you're right - not being able to see the eye makes them appear alienish. :)

Dina J

Nice shots! Glad you got to see this bird in person. If you are ever in the Tampa bay area in June and July, they nest on the beaches here. There is one beach were there are hundreds of baby skimmers running around chasing after the parents. It is funny to see how they lay down like that. The babies do it as well.

Rita aka Cashjocky

Sallie, you were right about this bird and my Frank. He was delighted to see your post. This bird was a first for him as well.

He has such a stack of bird books but I never considered taking them with us on a trip. Perhaps, I will have to reconsider that idea if we ever make it to the Everglades.


A beautiful shot of this one!(We are having black skies and hail showers.

NatureFootstep travel blog

I have heard the name but never seen it. It is really strangelooking. I understand that you thought something was wrong with it. Thanks for sharing. .)

A wondering Star

Amazing bird!
Fascinating way of catching fish.
Thanks for sharing and good information.

Greetings from Norway


what an amazing bird! Lovely photos!

Lavender Dreams

I love your photos and you go to a lot of the places we would like to visit! I put your blog on my fav list! Thanks!


That's an amazing looking bird. I would have also worried if I'd seen it stretched out so interesting information about the behavior.

Rainfield (雨田)

Its bill looks so big and heavy.

It seems like the bill has brought the head down.


Just the way a painter would have drawn it - the beak and legs draw the eye. And I love how the beak is two colors. Thank you for bringing the beauty Florida to those of us who aren't there.

Hootin' Anni

LOL....I'm laughing not at your photo, but for the fact that Bud and I were at the beach the other day, and I took several photos of the couple 'skimming' the water at the shore...but they just didn't turn out all that well. I may post a photo or two soon tho. They're very interesting birds.

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