May 13, 2012



I stayed with a friend who lives in Florida in January. I just love the place. Thank-you for sharing the photos.


Very nice! That is one of the reasons taking walks is so good.
Your addition is looking good!

Reader Wil

Wonderful house! Thank you for your kind words on my Mother's Day post!

Lavender Dreams

Very beautiful! I love Florida, too and we hope to be back soon! Enjoy your week!

Taken For Granted

Sallie, your mosaic reminds me a bit of Beatrix Potter's drawings. You even have Petter Rabbit on the lawn. Your new porch looks terrific. Know you will get great use of that space.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a question. Look back, and I think I've answer it.

Stewart M - Australia

Hope you enjoy the extension!



What a delightful balance between work and play!


I wouild neither mind being woken up by Woody nor sit there in your new space to blog hop! I was near the Everglades a few years ago, but we didn't have time to explore them. You made me miss home with the yellow bell flower (whatever it really is called, and yes, I posted it before, was properly informed, and poof! gone from the brain files...)and that prickly flower. No furry bunnies in Manila though... Hope you were spoiled on Mother's Day, Sallie...


Wow, you screened in porch is wonderful.


It looks wonderful, great job!


Your selection of nature shots is fantastic!


Each little vignette in the collage is lovely!
LOVE the new additions and the peachy colored walls and the tile and the furniture - exactly how I'd imagine a Florida cottage. :)


Florida has so much beautiful nature to capture!

And loving your remodeling project -- beautiful!

Rambling Woods

Life is good...love the remodel...


The pains of remodel are worth it once you can give your furniture a new place! And big windows...I love that!

EG Wow

Walks where you can see wildlife are almost ALWAYS wonderful!


Beautiful mosaic, Sallie!
Love your new room and porch.


I can see that life is good ! Can't complain either, lol !


Wonderful, Sallie - and love your redo! Well done.

Boom & Gary

Wow you've done a lot of work!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Sylvia Kirkwood

I love your mosaic, too, Sallie! What a delightful look at your world! The bunny and the butterfly and lovely flowers, wonderful!!! Hope you have great week!



Beautiful set of images in the mosaic.

Beyond Wandering

Beautiful mosaic with so many different things to see! The butterfly, the bird, and the bunny, wow..fantastic..


Your mosaic is beautiful, Sallie, - a wonderful mystical feeling to it...


Your addition looks great. I love the tile. Your nature shots are beautiful.


Beautiful mosaic. Like the new room and porch. Looks so bright and cheerful.


love the nature walk you took us on. and a GREAT added room! :)


How beautiful and what nice improvements you are making.


I'm so happy to visit your home, Sallie. Now when I read your posts or your mails I'd imagine you, at work behind your computer !
I'll read all your other post one after one : I was so a lazzy girl the past weeks .


I love your new room and the tile. You saw some pretty sights on your walk. Bird, butterflies and blooms are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Colin Huggins

Ah shucks!!!! Why not share my "words of wisdom" with your viewers in L'e-mail of earlier.
Sallie and ( TOH) ie: Bill
Hey that looks great, more so if that rather luxurious cruiser berthed in the front belongs to you?????
One thing, living on a canal, you wouldn't have the worry of dust????
Well, I can't imagine how, anyway.
Also tiles are so much easier to clean, than bloody carpets.
Looks brilliant, just don't clutter - keep plenty of space, makes the area look far bigger. Well I think so anyhow, always one with advice - ha ha!
Colin ( Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: Getting colder at night, days are fine and warm, still. Winter is coming quicker than usual. The Snow fields down in the Snowy Mountains are in for a bumper year for the skiing fraternity - already snow.


The extension looks delightful-every happiness here!

Colin Huggins

Sorry Sallie

I was just testing if the comments were working again for me.
Seems after the above - CERTAINLY!
Strange the ways of technology??????????????

Colin Huggins


Rita aka Cashjocky

Thanks for all the lovely responses to my recent comments. You are a jewel and I feel as If I have known you for decades.

You have a lovely place there in Florida. I like you improvements and the choice of tile. I do hope though that they will not be slippery when wet. I worked in a store with big ceramic tiles and one night after mopping the floor I slipped and fell and cut my head open on the medal door jam leading into the restroom. Taught me to not get in a hurry on a wet tile floor.

Lady Fi

Love all the creatures you met on your walk -- such a pretty mosaic!

And the new addition to your cottage looks great.

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