May 16, 2012



Frightenind, this one. What a strange beast !

Rambling Woods

good grief....how would they do that..vomit on it....


That's new news to me, Sallie.. the Emus's at Lion Country Safari do the same thing. I guess the wildlife is fed-up with humans.


LOL! I'm always on the lookout for natures clean up crews..:-)


Whaaat? Do they peck at the rubber seals?


I guess bicycles would be just an hors d'oeuvre! :-)
Great sign, Sallie!


I think only dead cars are in danger! :)
Funny sign for this week.


I wouldn't like to meet that vulture in a dark alley.


Next fantastic photograph, unusual bird. I am greeting

Rita aka Cashjocky

WOW!!! The last creature I would have thought I would have to worry about without being dead.


That's funny. I didn't know that vultures liked rubber. But what the heck they eat just about everything else.


Holy crap! Attack of the vultures! I suppose if a car is left parked for any length of time it could be unsafe, but driving through? Seriously? Geez, you mean to tell me that Alfred Hitchcock was way ahead of his time?


yum. carrion and rubber. what a diet!

Kim, USA

Oh oh everybody should pay attention to these sign ^_^


Sandy Carlson (USA)

You go, vultures! This is your world, too. It's not like humans have left the wild world much to work with.

Colin Huggins

Go down to the section "pests" and see what they can do to outside furniture.
Plastic covered chairs are high on their priority list. Oh yes, beautiful to look at, but give them an inch and they will take the proverbial mile - ha ha!

Also they make great pets, but keep them outside, unless you like to see most things chewed to bits!! ha ha.

Colin ( Brisbane.Australia)

Colin Huggins

Ha ha - I think you should cross out "may" and insert "will" !
I think hitting a fully grown vulture would make quite a mess of the front window!
I am suprised that some people didn't know that for strange reasons, unbeknown I am sure to mankind, there is an attraction for birds to rubber seals!
Cockatoos, galahs and other members of the parrot family just love chewing on rubber! And from experience, I can assure you that they do a bloody good job!
In the outback, there are plenty of warning signs to be aware of emus, kangaroos and in the centre ( Ayers Rock area), you can add feral camels. And they can make an ungodly mess.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: 7.30am Thursday 17th May. Same as yesterday, fine,sunny and cloudless. Temp: Presently 12 degrees celsius.
Pity it wouldn't stay like this until October - (sigh!)

Gemma Wiseman

Unbelievable! Why would rubber seals be so attractive to vultures! A great find!


had no idea! when i saw the sign, i figured it was a warning not to hit them (knew someone who did and dented up his whole front fender!)


It's a case of the authorities covering their backs! For the first time, I had to sign a consent form to have a scale and polish at the dentist today-although that's what I requested......


Phew! Glad you got out, tires in tact.


I love this one! Who would have thought!


Here I go again on my soap box: vultures damage cars, but the darn mosquitoes bite the heck out of you. I would certainly think twice before visiting in that particular location. Great shot, thugh. Snap the picture and get out of town as fast as you can go :-) genie

Luna Miranda

LOL a car-eating-vulture! what a scary thought! rubber seals---i wonder what is attractive about rubber seals. i'm glad you escaped in one piece.:p

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